Why you should stop buying calling cards in the convenient stores and at the gas stations


A calling card or phone card is a small plastic card, sized and shaped like a credit card, used to pay for phone services. Sometimes it may not be physical, in that case customers recharge from company’s website. Calling Cards known as remote memory cards have a PIN associated with a specific land-line telephone account; calls using the card are billed to the associated account. It is only necessary to have the knowledge of the access telephone number to dial and the PIN for using calling card. Standard cards which can be purchased and used with or without having account facility. The card gives a fixed amount of credit to talk over phone and is discarded when it’s been used up. Rechargeable cards can be topped up. The system for payment and the way in which the card is used to place a telephone call vary from card to card. Phone cards cannot connect customers to a mobile telephone system. Customers still need to pay their mobile carrier for that. Once you know where you want to call, you can save money by dialing a phone card access number and using that service to connect you to the person you want to call. Prepaid mobile programs such as T-Mobile to Go, TracFone Nationwide, and AT&T Prepaid Phones are a separate subject than using a prepaid international phone card from a monthly billed service.

For calls within the USA, dial 1 + Area Code + Number. To dial numbers outside the USA, dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number. Some cards have Speed Dial available. You can program the phone numbers you plan to dial so all you have to do is press the speed dial number and the hash key (#). The most effective way to prevent dialing an international number directly from your mobile provider is to contact your provider and have them disable international calling. You’ll still be able to dial the access number for your phone card and dial your international number as you normally would with your calling card. To make international calls from USA, or to make an international call from any country for that matter, one needs to know the international calling prefix for the country from which he/she will be placing the call. The International call prefix is a unique code for each country allowing its inhabitants to make international calls. For example, the USA’s international calling prefix is ‘011’. Next you will need to know the country code for the country to which you will dial. Country codes can be in range of 1 to 3 digits. The country codes may vary for some countries depending on whether the call is made from a mobile phone or fixed phone. The next set of digits to be dialed is called the area code or city code. The area code or city code can be anywhere from 1 to 6 digits. Finally, you will need to dial the local phone number to complete your international phone call from the USA. If you choose not to disable international dialing with your mobile provider, please make sure you hear the following when using your phone card:

1. When you dial the access number, you should hear the prompt to enter your PIN.

2. After entering your PIN, you should hear the balance available on your phone card and will be prompted for the number you’d like to call. If you do not hear this, hang up, dial the access number again, and follow the prompts.

3. After entering the phone number you’d like to call, you should hear the number of minutes available for your call. I

There are number of ways you can use oversea calling with 011Now. You can rather use your iPhone or Android or your casual handset. 011Now facilitates all the best options for its customers. So have a phone & start calling with 011Now. You can check back from 011Now website how you will manage your calls with iPhone, Android or your handset. This will help you to make a call.

You can choose any access phone number from our list provided at 011Now website in order to make cheap international phone calls with 011Now. Before each call connects, you will hear your account balance and minutes remaining. When making a call with 011Now from your cell phone, do not dial the number you are calling using your contact list (unless you are using Android phone and you have 011Now Android app which is enabled).

011Now has made dialing international numbers easy & convenient for the customers. It has paved a way to make an international call for only pennies per minute. The 011Now international calling service is a convenient way to save on all of your long distance calling from any phone in the US or Canada. Customers can make cheap international calls by only getting the application of 011now whatever in iPhone or Android. It offers first call for free of charge when customers get started with iPhone or Android. If you make international calls from US you might get huge bills for talks on your phone if you dial other country directly using your phone service provider. 011Now app gives you simple way to save money when calling overseas.

011Now uses local access number to connect your international calls. Simply make sure your international call starts with “011” or “+”. It is very easy to start calling with 011Now! A 011Now prepaid account can be opened instantly with as little as $10. After you make the purchase, you can start making international calls right away. As you make calls, charges are deducted from your account balance. You may add funds to your account at any time, or enable the Auto Recharge option so you never have to worry about running out of call time. You may use a credit card (Visa, American Express, Discover or MasterCard) or debit card (Visa- or MasterCard-branded) to make your purchase.

011Now gives you an access phone number in US. You dial that number from your home phone number or from mobile number. Then 011Now transfers you to destination phone number overseas. It doesn’t matter where your friend lives. It can be a phone call to Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Moscow, etc. It offers comparatively low rates from any phone in U.S. & Canada. An account can be opened in a couple of minutes and it will be immediately activated. It offers full free charge to international calling. For example it only charges Dominican Republic Fixed 4.5 cents per minute where others can be as low as 1 cent per minute.

011Now does not charge hidden fees or taxes so the listed rates are the same as those charged when calls are made. We use a 1 minute rounding interval for calculating the cost for a call, so the call length is rounded to the next minute for billing purposes. Many phone cards use a 3 minute or even 6 minute rounding interval which means calls are round to the next 3 or 6 minute interval for billing purposes which can significantly increase the cost of a call. The most amazing thing for customers of 011Now is that you can call from any phone using 011Now. You can make call by your iPhone or Android or from any of your cell phone. Most of the phone services providers in US will not charge you for making calls to any of 011Now’s access numbers within United States or Canada. For example, well known phone companies like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Metro PCS allow you to make long distance calls within US as a part of your service plan.

There is actually No need for a PIN if your phone is registered to 011Now. This feature is called PINLESS dialing. 011Now also includes many useful features. One such feature is online call history where the cost and details for each call made on a customer’s account can be viewed. Customers can also register multiple phones in one account so calls can be made from these phones without dialing a PIN code when making a call.

011Now is a prepaid plan with no monthly fees, odd contract or obligation. There are no connection fees or no disconnection fees. No monthly fees, no extra hidden charge unlike many other service providers. 011Now gives an auto recharge option for customers. Since there are no monthly fees, the money added to the account will stay remaining in the account until it is used to make calls. It offers FREE first call to customers who is registering via iPhone or Android. You can try 011Now phone calls to other country for free using 011Now smartphone app. You can download 011Now application from Android market and from Apple iOS store. 011Now gives away $1.00 to the new customers who are registering using smartphone application to try out cheap international calling. It is only $10.00 of the minimum recharge.

011Now has the access numbers throughout US in different cities. People can use those and the calling rate will be the same. Usually there is no roaming charge by the most cell providers in US if the caller within US or Canada, so there is no need to worry if you travel in US or Canada. If person goes to China for example, then there is a roaming charge by cell phone providers, there will be an additionally charge by cell service when he makes a call to our access number in US. The charge always varies from one cell operators to another.

Another great thing about 011Now is that its calling card is virtual. So anybody can buy it from our website & get the pin code. It saves customers time & money. The person can print out the pin code and the list of access number off from web site if needed. It is to remind that 011Now does not sell its calling cards to any retailer shop & so there is no subject of paying any money for retail distribution to those stores.

011Now always thinks about providing best customer service. It’s targeting to get more access numbers in different locations & consequently lowering the rate to somewhat so that users feel comfortable talking over phone with their relatives & friends.


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