Conventional Prepaid calling cards are getting sued again.


Illinois sues marketers of prepaid calling card according

People complained that some prepaid calling cards are providing misleading advertisement. Apparently, marketers of some brands made the ads which promise a lot of international calling minutes. In reality consumers of such prepaid calling cards got less minutes. People got 50% less minutes than prepaid calling card says in some instances.

There are even some ridiculous scenarios when some products claimed time units on the front side of the calling card instead of calling minutes. This trick lured a lot of customers into buying those prepaid calling cards; people believed they were paying hard earned money for real minutes whereas one time unit was noticeably shorter than real one minute. Of course some consumers got mad and complaint to authorities.

Most of the people have phones nowadays. Why are people buying such prepaid calling cards in the convenient stores? The reason is simple; it is still expensive deal to make international calls using your cell phone provider or land line phone services. A lot of immigrants and travelers search for a cheap international calling in order to chat to their friends and relatives. Calling cards are delivering inexpensive solution to reach out people in other countries over the normal phone. You can dial local to you access number of the calling card company and you can connect the other side of the world with really low rate… Read more


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