Why am I being asked to enter my PIN?


Some of you decided to register with 011Now. So you went ahead and you have created an account for making international calls in order to save the money. This is the great news for you and for us. From now on you will be able to make cheap international calls to your home country. Right? But then some folks try to call to our access number and they are being asked to provide the PIN number. What does it mean?

If you are being asked to enter your PIN, it means that 011Now doesn’t recognize your phone number you are calling from. It means you are not using the feature called pinless international calling. 011Now system can’t associated your call with your account. Because your phone caller id can’t be found in the system.

011Now system askes for a PIN if you didn’t register your caller id for pinless calling. Also it is possible you have changed the phone number or you mistyped the phone number when registering with 011Now. It is ok. You can still make the calls but you will need to provide the PIN.

If you would like to use a pinless dialing the same way as a pinless calling card you have to add your phone number under your account. Also you have to make sure your caller id is not disabled, when you make a pinless international calling and your phone number can be reginized by 011Now.



2 Responses to “Why am I being asked to enter my PIN?”

  1. raskolnikoffanna Says:

    Hello, I am in Canada. Your site was showing me access numbers from Canadian cities, but after I registered AND payed it only shows American cities, which would cost me a fortune to pay through. Please advise how to proceed.

    • 011Now Says:


      I am sorry but we are not supporting the service for the clients who live outside of US at the moment. As you mentioned in your comment there are no Canadian access numbers on our website. If you paid already please write an email with your account information and your money will be refunded.

      If you have a smartphone and you are still looking for the cheap ways to make international calls you can use our VOIP solution for the smartphones. Please check the website http://www.tap4call.mobi.

      Thank you!

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