No Relief from Long Distance Taxes in Pakistan


Pakistan currently taxes incoming international telephone calls. While reports have been circulating that these taxes have been abolished, these reports are just rumors. In fact, The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) directly addressed recent rumors and made it clear that the matter of these taxes is still pending in the Lahore High Court. The rumors started when the PTA made a statement regarding another pending matter and confusion led to a rush of articles being written declaring the revocation of the tax.

While citizens are anxious to hear the outcome of this matter, the Court continues its probe and has requested a technical compliance report from (PTA) regarding its orders for suspension of notification for tax on incoming international calls and subsequent steps under it. As no further information has been forthcoming, it is likely that residents are in for what may be a lengthy wait as the Court decides whether or not these extra taxes are legal.

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One Response to “No Relief from Long Distance Taxes in Pakistan”

  1. muiz Says:

    It seems that Government is making every effort to keep overseas Pakistanis away from homeland, first the matter of dual nationality and now this 9 folds increased call rates which is indeed a shame because all other neighbouring countries are still offering the 1p call rates incl. India & Bangladesh.. Only Pakistanis are punished because off course they belong to Pakistan… Worst ever act by PTA… Strongly condemned

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