Keeping in Touch with Africa


Making calls beyond the international borders to Africa can be expensive. Taxes on calls from Africa to the USA are extremely high, resulting into people from African countries limiting their calls to the minimum or not making calls to the USA at all. There are many African immigrants living and working in the USA, most with families still in Africa.

Keeping in touch with friends and families in Africa is important to most immigrants, but the taxes on mobile calls in African countries are high and much higher than the global average. If you consider the monthly charges, high tax rates and other charges, one can clearly understand why international calls are limited by most Africans and by us.

Making cheap international calls from countries in Africa are almost impossible. Many countries in Africa do not provide the services that are available in the USA, but there is a great solution on how to keep in touch with Africa. 011Now offers an amazing option such as no connection fee, no maintenance fee or disconnection fee! You can take advantage of the services that 011Now offers and make your calls to Africa with absolutely no tax charges. On top of this wonderful opportunity, the company will give you free credits for trial calls. All you have to do is to register an account with 011Now and receive the benefits.

You can keep in touch with your family and friends in Africa and enjoy the benefits of 011Now. If you have an iPhone, an Android phone or a regular phone, you can start calling today. Your call will be treated as if you are making a local call.


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