T-Mobile is getting an unlocked iPhone 5












I can’t believe it – it is finally happening. T-Mobile is getting iPhone for the first time ever. How many complains they have heard from the clients who couldn’t officially buy Apple products from U.S.’s fours largest cell phone service provider? They listened!

If you are not on T-Mobile network with your iPhone and you have learnt this news you might think “So what?” Here is a deal breaker for all of us on Version or AT&T networks (yes, I am with AT&T for now):

T-Mobile will sell unlocked iPhones! Wow, no more hassle with International traveling when you can’t plug in other provider’s SIM card into the iOS phone. To be honest I am tired to travel with 2 phones: my new iPhone 5 and unlocked Android phone.

You will be able to buy T-Mobile iPhone 5 for the full price with no contract. This seems to be a showstopper for getting full price from the clients. Who want to give away $600-$700 for new phone? No fear! There is a rumor that T-Mobile is working towards subsidizing new unlocked iPhones for those of us who signs 2 year contract with T-Mobile.

U.S. cell phone providers market is very weird comparing to other countries markets. U.S. customer signs multiple year contract and gets locked cell phone, so he can’t escape to other cell phone service competitor. It is good to realize that this situation might come to the end – the market slowly dictates its own rules.




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