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Dakar is the capital city of Senegal, West Africa. The country owes its name to the Senegal River that borders it to the east and north.  Senegal is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and is well-known for its beautiful beaches. The best beaches are located in Cap Skirring and Dakar. If you are visiting Dakar, you will absolutely love Soumbedioune and Secret Beach. Secret Beach is a favorite surfing spot and Soumbedioune is a former fishing village.

Dakar is an absolute shopper’s paradise. At the Marché Malien, women can mix their own perfumes, buy waist beads and incense. The largest market, Marché Sandaga, can be found in the center of Dakar and offers the most amazing hand dyed fabrics, jewelers, silks and African food. Dakar has some amazing stores specialized in haute-couture, embroidered traditional African Muslim clothes.

Make sure to visit the Pink Lake just outside Dakar. The Pink Lake (Lake Retba) offers a fabulous experience and is one of nature’s miracles. The lake is shallow and warm and is also completely pink. The locals harvest the salt from the lake to sell. Sand dunes, villages with thatch-roofed huts and a baobab forest surround the lake.

Dakar offers the most exciting places for bird watching. Les Almadies is a great place to see seabirds and the Iles de la Madeleine is the only nesting site of the red-billed tropicbird.

Pink Lake Senegal West Africa










After spending a couple of hours at the Pink Lake or bird watching, you can visit the Ali Baba halfway up Pompidou Avenue for good falafel sandwiches with French fries or shwarma and a Gazelle (local beer) or two. You can visit Glacier Nice Cream at the City center and enjoy the best ice cream available in Dakar.

Every street in Dakar has its own soundtrack. You will hear live music and car stereos blaring out day and night. Senegal’s musical heritage is better known than that of most African countries, due to the popularity of mbalax. You should visit the Youssou N’Dour’s nightclub Thiossane and experience the wonderful rhythm of mbalax.

Dakar is a major West African hub and there are lots of flights coming from and going to Europe, North American and other African cities. The Dakar bus system is fairly dependable and there are also blue, yellow or white mini-busses available.

The Senegalese are friendly and well-known for their hospitality. The country is politically stable and has a lot to offer. You can enjoy the golden beaches, swim in the Atlantic Ocean or learn traditional dancing and drumming. Dakar is a modern city with beautiful buildings and historical colonial houses. You will love the exciting city with lots of open-air markets, high-spirited day to day life and vibrant nightlife.

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