Don’t break your smartphone


I am sure this subject bothers a lot of people. Near everybody cares about their smartphone. Android phones and iPhones are among most popular phones. Maybe not everybody but at least I care. When I plan going to the beach I always think about should I leave my Samsung Nexus 4 in the car or bring it to the sandy coastline. I leave the phone in the car more often than not. My friends have to leave the voice messages anyway when I am boogie-boarding at the Jersey Shore.

Today, I saw the article Six ways to protect your phone on the Androidandme website.

It highlights the following items:

  • Use a case

This advice is very good for some phone callers. But not for me! I would like to have as little weght and volume in my pockets as possible. Yes, even half of ounce will do it 🙂

  • Get a screen protector

Let’s be honest, screen protectors make the phone screen less attractive. It becomes less touch-sensible too. I tried using few protectors but somehow I didn’t get used to them.

  • Don’t take your phone to the beach

It is actually good idea (see first paragraph). But the reason why I don’t take phone to the beach because I am afraid it will be stolen while I am riding the waves.

  • Don’t put your phone and your keys in the same pocket

I must agree 100% with this one. Keys scratch everything, including screen surfaces.

  • Phones and bathrooms don’t mix

Once this happened to my ex-boss: he dropped his Blackberry into the toilet. Poor guy… not  🙂

  • Get insurance for your phone

Hmm, I don’t know. What is the point to pay extra? We live in the time when your phone cell provider subsidizes new phones every 1-2 years. AT&T does it for my Android phones that I keep in the family. Even if the upgrade time is still far away it is ok to buy cheaper Android phone for $100-$200 and keep it around until time comes to buy better Android brother. My kid broke the glass on Samsung Infuse phone 2 times in 1 year. I recognized after that this phones have a flaw with the screens. A lot of people had similar problem. This smartphone kept working for full 1 year and then I’ve got Samsun Nexus 4 Active for him – no cracks so far. I paid around $150 to AT&T for the upgrade.


Alex Sherrod works for The company provides the service for overseas calling. There are smartphone apps provided for making free international calls to various countries: Mexico, Cuba, India, etc. There are Android version of the app and iPhone version. 


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