Skype doesn’t behave good after iOS 7 update


I use Skype a lot mostly for sending messages to my friends. There are 3 device types that I can Skype to people from: PC, iPhones and iPad. iPad is always at my hand, this is why I set this nice options in the settings on my iPhone and iPad:

Skype setting

The option of always being online worked like a charm most of the times before updating to iOS. I can go to sleep and my friends being in various time zones overseas would send me a message when they saw my online status. I would woke up in the morning, check my skype message my iPad mini. I would call my friends internationally using our sweet iPhone app called 011Now. I don’t use Skype for calling abroad because their rates are pricey comparing to 011Now International calling rates.

Once Apple has given me a notification for iOS 7.0 update I went through and updated my iOS devices: iPhone and iPad. The problems started to appear after an update. Skype status will not say that I am online. It changes my status when it feels like it. Now I wake up in the morning, click on Skype icon and what do I see? Sure enough this login screen appears:

Skype login screen

I talked to my friends and they don’t see my “always online” status anymore like they use to before upgrading iOS. I wonder when Skype will fix the problem?

-By Alex Sherrod


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