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Sweden HuskiesAdventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts are passionate about the far north-west of Sweden with its rivers, glaciers, mountains, lakes, forests and Arctic plains. The Swedish Lapland is in close proximity to the magnetic north and is a popular area for tourists to get the best chance to see the Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis appear from around the beginning of September to around the end of March. This area is also a hot spot for dog sledding, skiing and snowmobile tours.
An amazing place for the best chance to see the spectacular display of lights is at the Aurora Sky Station. You can admire the heavenly show from an observation tower and spend time at the souvenir shop. Contact the Aurora Sky Station (STF) Lapplandsbokningen in Abisko National Park at phone: 0980 402 00 or e-mail: for more information or for a booking.

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Sightseeing in Sweden
Many artists and authors have been inspired and fascinated by the Stockholm archipelago. The archipelago extends from Stockholm approximately sixty kilometres to the east and is well-known for its natural beauty. With more than 20,000 islands, the easiest way to explore the area is by boat. Some of the better-known islands are Dalarö, Finnhamn, Grinda, Husarö, Ingarö, Isö, Ljusterö, Möja, Nämdö, Rödlöga, Tynningö, Utö, Svartsö and Värmdö. The biggest towns of the archipelago, apart from Stockholm, are Nynäshamn, Vaxholm and Norrtälje
At Fjäderholmarna, twenty minutes from Stockholm by boat, you can find great places for souvenir shopping and swimming. Sandhamn is well-known for great parties and is the favorite place of the Stockholm elite. The island is quite a distance from Stockholm, but you can quickly travel there on one of the Cinderella boats. Svartsö is one of the biggest islands in the mid-archipelago and is home to the Svartsö Krog restaurant and several swimming lakes. Nåttarö boasts beautiful beaches and vacation cabinets. Grinda features a spectacular nature reserve with stunning beaches, great hiking trails, woods and fields. Svartlöga is an idyllic island with no electricity, and is characterized by old boathouses.
Exploring West Sweden
West Sweden consists of three provinces, namely: Bohuslän, Dalsland and Västergötland. There are many fishing villages and small towns on the Bohuslän coast. The coast is famous for lobster, langoustine, fish, mussels and oysters. The Bryggan Fjällbacka restaurant in the town named Fjällbacka offers shellfish safaris.
Klädesholmen is a locality situated in Tjörn Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden, and is referred to as the “herring capital” of Sweden. Enjoy the herring pickled or marinated at Salt & Still, a floating hotel.
Västergötland is home to the large Lake Vänern, which is well-known for its own species of salmon. Falköping and its surrounding farms are famous for excellent mature cheeses that are rich in flavor. You can stop at Falköpings Mejeri ek för at Odengatan 6, 521 43 Falköping, (Phone: +46 515 72 32 50) or at AB Västgöta Mjölkförädling at Odengatan 6, 521 43 Falköping.
Dalsland is the perfect area to view wild elk and deer. The many lakes and rivers provide pike, whitefish and perch, and the forests provide abundant berries and wild mushrooms.
Significant Fortresses and Historical Buildings in Sweden
Skara Cathedral is a church in the Swedish city of Skara. The cathedral is of bricks from the 14th century.
Uppsala CathedralUppsala Cathedral is a cathedral located between Uppsala University and the River Fyris in the centre of Uppsala, south-eastern Sweden. Uppsala is home to many museums, including Gamla Uppsala Museum and Biotopia, the biological museum of the city.
In 1230 the foundations of the Linköping Cathedral were made, but the building took some 250 years to finish. Linköping is a city in southern central Sweden.
Among older structures are also some significant fortresses and other historical buildings such as at Borgholm Castle. Borgholm Castle in Borgholm is today only a ruin of the fortress that was first built in the second half of the 12th century.
Halltorp is one of the earliest manor houses on the island of Öland, Sweden, dating from the 11th century AD. In early documents it is known as Hauldtorp, and it is cited as one of the early Viking settlements of Öland.
Kalmar is a city in Småland in the south-east of Sweden and the Kalmar Castle is a famous landmark in the center of the city. The Kalmar Cathedral from 1702 is a great example of classicistic architecture.
Explore Nature Parks and Pristine Waters in Sweden
Stockholm is famous for being absolutely beautiful. The city consists of fourteen islands and is surrounded by forest, water and beaches. Stockholm features about twenty-six parks, including Hagaparken with beautiful lakes and forest, Rålambshovsparken with lakeside grass beach and fields and the huge Royal National City Park.
Tyresta National Park is a large, untouched woodland area with unique plants and animals. Take bus 807 or 809 from Gullmarsplan to the Svartbäcken stop. Take connecting bus 834, getting off at the Tyresta By station, which is near the park’s main entrance.
TyrestaOther great Nature Parks in Sweden:
• Djurö National Park: Västra Götaland County – Djurö National Park consists of an archipelago with about 30 islands in Sweden’s biggest lake, Vänern;
• Färnebofjärden National Park: Dalarna, Gävleborg, Uppsala, and Västmanland counties – Dalälven River passes through the park and the uneven shoreline encloses over 200 islands and islets.
• Fulufjället National Park: Dalarna County – The Park consists mainly of bare mountain heights, and heaths that are unique in the Swedish mountains;
• Garphyttan National Park: Örebro County – Garphyttan National Park consists of landscape altered by humans through agriculture and forestry, such as meadows and deciduous forest;
• Gotska Sandön National Park: Gotland County – Gotska Sandön is an island composed of sand. Its scenery is dominated by beaches, dunes, and pine forests;
• Hamra National Park: Gävleborg County – Hamra National Park contains two low moraine hills covered with virgin forest and large rock boulders.
• Haparanda Archipelago National Park: Norrbotten County – Located in the northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia, the park is composed of low islands with wide sandy beaches;
• Kosterhavet National Park: Västra Götaland County – Kosterhavet National Park is the first national marine park of Sweden and was inaugurated in September 2009. It consists of the sea and shores around the Koster Islands, however excluding the islands themselves;
• Muddus National Park: Norrbotten County – Muddus National Park is home of deep ravines and primeval forests. Sweden’s oldest pine tree is located in the park;
• Norra Kvill National Park: Kalmar County – Norra Kvill is an ancient forest with tall pine trees that are over 350 years old. Three lakes are situated in the park: Stora Idegölen, Lilla Idegölen and Dalskärret;
• Padjelanta National Park: Norrbotten County -The park, which borders Norway in the west, is primarily composed of a flat and open landscape that surrounds the two lakes Vastenjávrre and Virihávrre;
• Pieljekaise National Park: Norrbotten County – Pieljekaise National Park is composed of birch forest, mountain terrain, and several lakes. The park is named after Pieljekaise Mountain, a landmark in the area;
• Sånfjället National Park: Jämtland County – The Park is named after the mountain Sånfjället. The mountainous area is intersected by streaming lakes and a forest area;
• Sarek National Park: Norrbotten County – The Park features an alpine landscape with high peaks and narrow valleys. More than 100 glaciers are found in the park, and several mountains are over 2,000 m high;
• Skuleskogen National Park: Västernorrland County – Skuleskogen National Park is composed of ancient forest, high mountains, and sea coast. The mountain peaks are covered with pine forest and are separated by valleys formed by the sea and ice sheets;
• Tiveden National Park: Örebro County and Västra Götaland counties – Tiveden National Park is a part of the large Tiveden forest. The park is situated in the most inaccessible part of the forest. The landscape is mountainous and stony;
• Vadvetjåkka National Park: Norrbotten County – Located in a mountain region north-west of Lake Torneträsk, Vadvetjåkka National Park is the northernmost national park in Sweden. The park is named after Vadvetjåkka Mountain, which is located within the park.
Good travel guides that will lead you straight to the best attractions in Sweden include Lonely Planet Sweden (Travel Guide) and DK Eyewitness Stockholm.

By Alex Sherrod


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