Sony’s Smartwatch Vs Samsung Galaxy Gear


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These two wearable gadgets are maybe the best tech creations money can buy at the moment if you’re into smartwatches, obviously.
Sony’s latest Smartwatch 2 (SW2 for short) comes with a cool design, it’s water resistant, it has lots of apps and features and also interchangeable watch faces.
The Samsung Galaxy Gear is its main contender, sporting a strong 800 MHz CPU and running a custom-made Android version, it has an excellent OLED screen and even a microphone and a camera. Basically, the Galaxy Gear is a wearable smartphone by all means.
Sony SmartwatchThis is one sexy looking watch, I must give that to Sony, featuring a stylish and attractive design, small and light, looking young and fresh.
The wrist band is made of silicon and it is ergonomically designed, it comes in multiple colors and the watch will be shipped with different wrist strap options. The watch case is made of brushed aluminum and its 1.61 inches wide, 1.65 inches tall and has a thickness of 0.35 inches. Weighing a mere 0.8 ounce, this baby is light as a feather.
Sony Smartwatch Wriste BandThe Samsung Galaxy Gear is rather bulky when compared to the SW2, but even if it looks big, when you’re wearing it you’ll be surprised to see that it weighs almost nothing. The wrist band is made of a rubber like material and it’s very comfortable to wear. The case finish feels high end, having a silver metallic brush and it’s designed to attract attention. Samsung announced that they will offer the Gear in 6 colors, including jet black, wild orange, lime green and rose gold.
Galaxy SmartwatchThe display in the Sony Smartwatch is one of its drawbacks, being rather small, when compared to the Galaxy Gear. Even if the difference in size is minimal, 1.6 inches wide vs 1.63 in the Gear, the quality of the screen in the Samsung Smartwatch is superior, and also has a much better pixel per inch density and resolution, 220×176 pixels in the Sony vs 320×320 pixels in the Galaxy Gear.
The screen in the Samsung is brighter and has vivid colors, as expected from one of the world’s best LCD manufacturers.
In terms of features and UI, the SW2 comes with a touchscreen user interface, sliding widgets used for viewing Facebook, Weather, Twitter and the various features of the device. Most importantly, the SW2 is compatible with almost all Android running handsets, not just the ones made by Sony.
Basically, you can use the SW2 as a controller/interface for your smartphone via the SW2 companion app, which allows pushing phone alerts and even initiating calls directly from the watch.
Android watch and phoneThe Galaxy Gear is bigger and more complex, being capable of doing everything the SW2 does and much more. The major drawback is that it will be compatible (At least in the beginning) only with the Samsung Galaxy S3.
Having a built in microphone and speaker, you will be able to use your watch as a regular phone, conducting calls directly from your wrist. The Gear also has a 1.9 Megapixels camera located in the wristband which is capable of recording HD 720p videos, besides taking stills. The UI is much better looking than Sony’s dated graphics; the Gear is more high tech and very similar in appearance to the Windows Phone 8 Metro user interface, featuring big tiles and clean fonts.
In terms of battery life the SW2 will last up to 4 days in standby and up to 14 hours of heavy usage. The Galaxy Gear will also stay alive for a full day, maybe, but keep in mind that it’s a much more complex machine, featuring Bluetooth 4.0 that is very power hungry among other things that the SW2 is lacking.
An advantage of the SW2 is its NFC capability, which can be used for linking compatible gadgets with the smartwatch. Even is Samsung integrates the NFC technology in its smartphones, the Gear doesn’t come with that feature. But thanks to its Bluetooth 4.0, it can do everything that the SW2 does, so it’s no biggie after all.
In terms of durability, my money goes on the SW2, as the smartwatch meets the IP57 standard for dust/water resistance. The Gear is only certified IP55, which means that the watch is only spill resistant.

Pricing is another department in which the SW2 wins, costing only $199 vs the $299 price tag in the Gear. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is more high tech and feature rich, more of a wearable smartphone than a true watch, while Sony’s gadget is a sleek, sexy gizmo and also more resistant to wear and tear.
One thing I really don’t like about the Gear is its lack of compatibility with other devices, unlike the Sony Smartwatch which can be paired with almost any Android running smartphone.
Bottom line, choosing between the two is a matter of personal preference and budget, both gadgets have pros and cons, it’s up to you in the end.


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  1. jack Says:

    Baig: It’s still early for these smart watches
    Apple doesn’t have a smart watch worth talking about yet.

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