Spectacular Sightseeing in Moldova


1 Moldova_Moldovan-church_2728Explore monasteries, nature reserves and wineries in the Republic of Moldova. The woodlands, villages, landscape and rolling hills are perfect for hiking and biking. The beautiful country in Eastern Europe is bordered by Ukraine to the north, south and east and Romania to the west. The western border of the country is formed by the Prut River.
Moldova is a small country and tourists love the beauty, calmness and culture it offers. Chişinău is the capital and an amazing city to visit. The city is home to around forty taxi services operating throughout the suburbs and the city. Taxi service 14700 usually has an English speaking person on duty.
The Military Museum exhibits Soviet Era military vehicles on the corner of Str. 31 August & Str. Tighina 47 and the Pushkin Museum on Str Anton Pann 19 features the house where Pushkin lived when in exile from Russia.

Botanica Park in Chişinău

Botanica Park in Chişinău

Ensure to visit the Botanica Park in Chişinău, which is situated in close proximity to the Gates of The City. The Triumph arch, constructed in 1841, is located to the south-west of the park. You will also find the city’s biggest flower market on the north side of the park along Banulescu Bodoni Street. Other parks in Chişinău include Parcul Valea Morilor in the heart of the city, Rose Valley and Parcul Dendrariu.
Shopping in Chişinău
A great place to visit is the Chişinău Souvenir Bazaar located on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard adjacent to the Mihail Eminescu National Theatre at Stefan cel Mare 152. You can find paintings, relics from the past and handmade crafts at the bazaar. The flea market, Aleea Garii, sells mainly second and third hand clothes and shoes, souvenirs, second hand tools and mobile phones.
Stefan cel Mare is Chişinău’s main street and features an array of restaurants and shops. Chişinău’s outdoor market, Piata Centrala, offers fruit, meat, clothes and almost everything else. The Megapolis mall is the largest mall in Chişinău and consists of exciting entertainment such as a food court, roller skating, bowling and a supermarket. The second largest mall in Chişinău is MallDova with six cinemas and several Moldovan stores. Nr.1 Hypermarket is a very large hypermarket located on Lev Tolstoi Street. The Fidesco is located on 6 Stefan cel Mere Boulevard and is open at all hours.
Visit the Ancient Monasteries in Moldova
Căpriana Monastery is about forty kilometers from Chişinău in an area formerly known as Codrii Lăpuşnei and is one of Moldova’s most prominent monasteries. The first significant reference dates from a document issued in 1429 that gave Căpriana the status of royal monastery on behalf of Alexander the Good. The monastery was rebuilt in the middle of the fifteenth century.
Orheiul Vechi

Orheiul Vechi

Orheiul Vechi is an Orthodox monastery dating back to the thirteenth century and is one of Moldova’s most amazing sights. The complex is located north-east of Chişinău and ten kilometers south-east of Orhei city between Trebujeni and Butuceni villages. The valley is shaped by the Răut River and the ancient Old Orhei (Orheiul Vechi) is a unique historical and natural complex, dug by the Orthodox monks in the right creek of the river.
In the vicinity are huge cliffs that contain another six complexes of interlocking caves. It is highly advised to not explore them without the help of an experienced guide. The remains of a Turkish bath house from the Golden Horde period can still be seen.
Just up the road is a tourist center with a small museum, restaurant and hotel. Call ahead to make sure the museum is open at +373 235 34 242. The small and charming medieval town of Orhei is also a popular tourist attraction where people usually stay the night. Orhei district offers many scenic natural landscapes and historical monuments. The Vila Roz Guesthouse, Trebujeni Village, Orhei, is well-known among tourists. You can contact the guesthouse at +373 235 56 243.
Butuceni Cave Monastery

Butuceni Cave Monastery

Butuceni Cave Monastery dates from the tenth century, located on the steep rocky terrain of the right bank of the Răut River, and are one of the most significant historical and architectural attractions in this area. The bell above the entrance was hung in 1821 to greet visitors.
The Pestera Monastery is an important Orthodox religious site with a tunnel which gives access to the Răut River. Its belfry is a symbol of the sacred underground sanctuary. A massive stone cross was installed on top of the hill in the eighteenth century. Nowadays, the cross is a symbol of Old Orhei Moldova and is an intrinsic part of the cave monastery.
The Raven’s Rock consists of twenty caves and the religious inscriptions found on its walls are classified as medieval relics. Bosia Cave Monastery was built in 1675 and it is the only monastery in the entire country where original inscriptions on the walls have been preserved unaltered.
Saharna Monastery

Saharna Monastery

The Holy Trinity Monastery of Saharna is located approximately 110 kilometers north of Chişinău on the banks of the Nistru River. Unique relicts of Saint Cuvios Macarie are on exhibition and it is believed that a monk once saw the shining figure of Saint Maria on top of the high cliff. According to legend, there is a footprint of Saint Maria on top of the cliff. The monastery is also one of the biggest centers for religious pilgramages in the country.
Explore the Tranquil Nature Reserves in Moldova
Pădurea Domnească Natural Reserve is located in the Glodeni district in Moldova, bordering the Prut River and it covers an area of more than 6,000 hectares. The reserve was founded in 1993 and offers the oldest and largest stand of old-growth oak trees. The park is extremely vast and home to a diverse range of animals, birds and trees. Various tree species in the reserve include willows, poplars and beeches. The herons are so abundant in the reserve where they nest near the river that the local people call it the Land of the Herons.
Prutul De Jos Natural Reservation

Prutul De Jos Natural Reservation

The Prutul De Jos Natural Reservation stretches between the Prut River and Slobozia Mare village and is home to 168 bird species, 34 animal species, 42 species of fish and the Beleu Lake. Lake Beleu is of great scientific value. The alluvial deposits create a favourable condition for cattail and reed.
Codru Reserve is a scientific reserve in Străşeni District, Moldova. The Codru forest is in the center of Moldova to the north-west of Chişinău and is home to 145 species of birds. The area is also home to approximately 8,000 species of insects. The forest is made up of ravines and valleys and offers breathtaking views.
Travel the Cities of Moldova
Cahul is located in south-eastern Moldova and a fabulous place for tasting homemade wines with traditional food. Almost every village around Cahul has wineries. Tours can be arranged at Vinia Traian, Gavanoasa village, Cahul, Moldova or contact number (+373 293) 25 246. The city is famous for hosting cultural events, such as the International Folk Music Festival, which takes place in July each year. Ensure to visit the Cahul Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, Lev Tolstoi str. 4, Cahul, Moldova, and phone: (+373 299) 21 471, GSM: (+373) (0) 681 16 779.
Soroca Fortress

Soroca Fortress

Soroca is situated on the banks of the Nistru River, approximately 160 kilometers north of Chişinău. The city is well-known for its well-preserved fortress and legend has it that during a siege by Tartars, a white stork brought grapes to the fortress’s defenders to save them from hunger and thirst. The story of The White Stork of Soroca Fortress is still told today. You can visit the Soroca Fortress Museum, Petru Rares str.1, Soroca, Moldova, or phone (+373-230) 30-430 for more information.
Visa Requirements for Moldova
In order to apply for a tourist visa, you need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the expiration date of the requested visa; reservation at a tourist accommodation and the travel itinerary or, if applicable, the commitment of maintenance and accommodation filled and signed by a person from the Republic of Moldova; reservation of round-trip ticket valid up to destination or, the driving license, the green card and the registration documents of the vehicle, if travelling by car; medical insurance valid on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and proof of the existence of means of support during the stay in Moldova, at least 30 EUR per day, but not less than 300 EUR, for a stay shorter than 10 days (cash, travel checks, credit card, et cetera) or, if applicable, the commitment of maintenance and accommodation filled and signed by a person from the Republic of Moldova.


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