Solomon Islands – Simply Beautiful


1 solomon IslandThe picturesque Solomon Islands lie east of Papua New Guinea and north-west of Vanuatu. The island of Guadalcanal is the largest in the Solomon Islands. Honiara is the capital of the country and located on the northern coast of Guadalcanal.
The tropical island of Guadalcanal is well-known for its palms, white sandy beaches and coral reefs on the south shores. Guadalcanal is also famous for its top diving spots and shipwrecks from World War II to explore.
The eastern and western coasts were the sites of some of the bloodiest World War II battles. Fierce fighting between the USA and Japan took place here, including the Battle of Guadalcanal and the Battle of Henderson Field of 1942. Many tourists visit these sites to see the monuments, museums, war relics and memorials. Guided tours of historic sites such as Bloody Ridge, Red Beach, Mataniko River and Henderson Field are available. You can also visit the Vilu War Museum situated about twenty-five kilometers west of Honiara.
The well-known Bonegi Beach is located a few kilometers west of Honiara. It is one of the most popular diving spots where divers can explore B17 Bomber wrecks and sunken battleships. In 2001, the wreck of the world Discoverer cruise ship was discovered on a reef. Iron Bottom Sound is a great dive spot for military relics. Snorkelers usually explore Marau Sound coral reef to admire the giant clams, tropical fish and rare sea shells.

Shipwreck near Guadalcanal Island

Shipwreck near Guadalcanal Island

Guadalcanal is mountainous and covered in rainforests. Hikers and bird watchers often visit this area. More than two-hundred bird species can be seen here, including honeyeaters, thrushes and fantails. Mataniko Falls is an approximate two-hour walk from Honiara. The stunning waterfall pours over a beautiful cave. East of Honiara is the dramatic sixty-meter fall into the Chea River. Tenaru Falls are situated in the rainforest. The Chea River, Tenaru Falls and rainforest offer spectacular views.
Tulagi is often referred to as the Wreck Capital of the Solomon Islands and is located approximately a one-hour boat ride from Honiara. The beautiful waters of Tulagi are located in the middle of the Solomon Islands and offer some of the world’s best diving sites. You can explore the amazing reefs and stunning WWII wrecks such as two seaplanes, an oil tanker and a mine sweeper. The large number of reefs boasts an abundance of tropical marine life, giant sponges and soft corals.
Solomon Islands in the South Pacific consists of several islands including Santa Cruz Islands, Rennell and Bellona, Santa Ana, Makira, Uki, Ulawa, Maramasike, Sikaiana, Guadalcanal, Malaita, Nggela, the Russell Islands, Santa Isalbel, New Georgia Islands, the Shortland Islands and Choiseut. The Santa Cruz Islands are more isolated and located north of Vanuatu.
Savo Island was discovered in 1568 by a Spanish expedition and the volcanic island was charted as Sesarga. Many naval battles were fought here during the war of which the Battle of Savo Island in August 1942 was the first conflict in the area between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Allied forces. The last volcanic eruption on the island occurred in 1847. The island offers great dolphin watching, bird watching and the endangered Megapode birds.
The island of Tinakula north of Nendo in Temotu Province, is uninhabited and home to a conical stratovolcano. The volcano is characterized by periodic explosive eruptions and is composed of layers of hardened lava, volcanic ash and tephra. Most of the island is covered with jungle with few good beaches and tourists usually have to swim ashore when visiting the island.
Explore more Islands

Honiara, Guadalcanal Island

Honiara, Guadalcanal Island

The only international airport in the Solomon Islands is Henderson Field on Guadalcanal and is served by Pacific Blue, Air Niugini, Fiji Airways and Solomon Airlines. Gizo is the capital of the Western Province and situated approximately 380 kilometers north-west of Honiara. The island is surrounded by white sandy beaches and sun drenched lagoons offering an abundance of fish life and spectacular reefs. The islands of Olasana, Naru and Plumpudding are located south-east of Ghizo island.
Uepi Island offers ten amazing diving sites with beautiful coral gardens and magnificent drop-offs. Uepi hammerheads, mantas, eagle rays and turtles are fairly common throughout the year. The clarity of the water is usually good and at Uepi Point you can explore colorful soft corals and gorgonian fans. Charapoana Drift offers schools of Trevally, Barracuda and Rainbow Runners as well as small hard coral cramming the slope.
Ensure to also explore the South and North Log with its coral life and aquarium fish. Landoro Gardens consist of the top of Uepi’s reef wall. Mango Passage is a breathtaking drop-off, featuring sharks, barracuda and pretty gorgonian fans. Wickham Harbor is about ninety minutes by boat from Uepi and houses five wrecks. The three Japanese freighters are upright and display stunning fish life and artifacts.

Tavanipupu, Solomon Islands

Tavanipupu, Solomon Islands

Tavanipupu, a former coconut plantation, has been transformed into a paradise. Tavanipupu is a charming resort with turquoise waters and pristine white beaches. You can go on cycling tours, fishing trips or explore the uninhabited island. The waters are wonderfully clear and are perfect for diving. A natural blue lagoon is formed by the reef that shelters the island.
Discover the Giants of the Solomon Islands
There are many tales in the Solomon Islands supporting the existence of the Solomon Islands Giants with long brown, black or reddish hair and over ten feet tall. According to the locals, the giants are like wild men living in the rainforest jungle mountain ranges of Guadalcanal. The residents of this island firmly believe there is a big city underneath the mountains. It is said that some of the local people have been capture and released. They came back reporting that there is a lighting system inside the mountains.
Some years ago, in 1998, bulldozers were pushing roads in central northern Guadalcanal and one of the machines with a ten ton blade broke down. The workers left the blade and took the bulldozer to the workshop. When the workers returned to the site, the blade simply disappeared. Gigantic human footprints led them to a small hill about a hundred meters away.

5 giant-skeleton-smithsonian-conspiracy (1)Two government officials also told of an encounter they had with living giants. The Finance Minister and Guadalcanal Premier went on a long drive up to Gold Ridge in order to survey the area. Their 4WD vehicle got bogged and they walked to the nearest village.
The two men came back later accompanied by almost thirty helpers. To their great surprise, the vehicle was back on the road. Even greater their surprise when they saw two giant men standing there. The two government officials estimated the men at about fifteen feet tall. Giants are not only spoken of in the islands, but spoken of in present tense.
Kwaio is located in the Kwara’ee region. North of Kwaio is a large burial place scattered with giant skeletons. A nearby hut stands on a human femur bone nearly eight feet tall. The femur bone is one of the main support poles.

The Solomon Islands Traditional Dancers

The Solomon Islands Traditional Dancers

Visiting the Solomon Islands
Persons entering or leaving Solomon Islands must be in possession of a valid passport issued by the proper Passport authority of the country to which he or she is a citizen or national and must be in possession of a valid return air ticket from Solomon Islands.


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