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Even if Denmark, a small Scandinavian country, can’t brag with blue fjords or High Mountain peaks like its neighbors, pay no attention to these minute details. If you choose to visit the Viking Country which is Denmark, you’ll enjoy its unique charm derived from its ancient history, its peaceful countryside filled with Viking burial mounds, Vikings that once spread terror through the civilized Europe.

Denmark is a country located in the Northern Europe, neighbored by Germany on the south and by Norway and Sweden on its southwest.

The Kingdom of Denmark occupies most of the Jutland peninsula and parts of the Danish archipelago that it’s comprised of over 400 small islands. Also Denmark owns Greenland and the Faroe island in the North Atlantic ocean.

With a land surface of 43,000 square km (not including Greenland’s 2.16 million and Faroe’s 1,399 square km) and a population just shy of 6 million people, Denmark is a highly developed country, among the richest in the world (talking about GDP per capita).

Once upon a time, Denmark was the seat of the cruel and brave Viking riders, but nowadays it transformed into a highly attractive touristic destination, a very civilized place to spend your holidays and a proud member of the European Union.

Its main city and also the capital, Copenhagen, is a beautiful and cosmopolite European city, some may regard it as even a “cool place to be in”, with bold architecture and a flamboyant nightlife.

Cutting edge design meets old school architecture in Copenhagen and the cobbled streets of the old city harbor some of the best restaurants in the known universe, an affable atmosphere, chique cafes, art galleries and small shops.


What to see, what to do in Denmark


Well, while in Denmark, one of the coolest places to visit besides its capital is Roskilde, the former capital of the Vikings that lies on Zealand Island, the same island that harbors Copenhagen.

Here you can admire an UNESCO –listed cathedral and a museum that houses one of the oldest and best preserved Viking ships.

Insert pic roskilde_cathedral_copenhagen.jpg

In northern Denmark, in the mainland of the Jutland peninsula you can admire ancient Viking sites, like the rune stones at Jelling and the old Lindholm Hoje.

Jelling stones

There are beautifully preserved medieval rural towns in the area, like Aarhus and Vejle that offer art aficionados impressive art galleries and for nature lovers countless outdoors activities such as hiking, kayaking or horseback riding.

My favorite place when it comes to Denmark’s cities is the lovely Skagen, a seaside little town on the Jutland peninsula, the place to be in if you love golden beaches and Scandinavian sunsets.

On North Jutlands lays Kunsten, a delightful place for tourists boasting with its Museum of Modern Art Aalborg.

Lindholm Hoje

Aalborg Viking Site  is the biggest and maybe the best preserved Viking burial site, located in the city of Aalborg (hence the name) and while you’re here you can visit an old castle, a monastery and a cathedral.

Amalienborg Palace is the Denmark’s royal family residence during harsh winters, located in the center of the capital Copenhagen.


While in the capital, if you’re an art buff, go visit Arhus Theater, the pride and joy of Copenhagen. The building was designed back in the 19’th century in the art nouveau  style by Hack Kampmann, features 5 stages and has its own theatre troupe.

Odense it the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, the writer that inspired my childhood days and while you’re here you can visit his memorial museum.

Carlsberg Brewery is a pilgrimage destination for beer lovers in Copenhagen, here you can hear the story of Carlsberg beer and sample some of their best beverages.

Kronborg Castle was built in the 16’th century and it inspired William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet; this is a place of great historical significance, located in Elsinore.


Stroget can be regarded as shopper’s paradise, a car free zone filled with designer boutiques where you can give a serious bruise to your credit card.

Food and Drink in Denmark

Fish is the corner stone of Danish cuisine and some of the specialties include : smorrebrod (the traditional dish for lunch, consisting of bread with butter accompanied by sliced fish, meat or cheese), buffet lunches (different kinds of fish, hot dishes, cheeses, meats and sweets, the self-serving style of buffet), rolls, breads, jam, pastries. National drinks  include  dark strong coffee, countless varieties of beer (Tuborg and Carlsberg the most famous of the bunch) and schnapps.


Visa Requirements

Denmark is a member of the European Union and it signed the Schengen treaty, hence if you’re an EU citizen, you’ll not require a passport, just an ID (if anything). For USA/Canadian tourists, a passport is required (no Visa though).


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