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Australia is part of the Oceanian countries and world’s 6th largest in terms of land surface. Basically, Australia is a continent in itself, with a land surface of 7,6 million square kilometers and a population of almost 24 million people.

Australia is neighbored by East Timor, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea on the northern border, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands on the north-east and finally, New Zealand on the eastern border.

Being a huge country with a relatively low population, Australia is one of the wealthiest nations in the world and also the 12th global economy in terms of GDP.

All these and the fact that Australia is famous for its natural beauty and huge, open spaces, deserts, mountains and beaches, makes it a very popular tourist destination any time of the year.

If you want to describe Australia in just a few words, you can say that this is the land of savage beauties, loneliness, big adventures and limitless horizons.

For me, Australia is the ultimate getaway destination, one of the last untouched places in the world, in terms of human  civilization obviously, because Australia’s population is concentrated in a few metropolis and the rest of the country remains in its “natural” state, if you like. As in, unspoiled.

Australia is also a country of extremes, ranging from the Aboriginal culture 40 millennia old to the “no worries mate” culture of modern cities like Melbourne or Sidney; it’s a land of contrasts, shock and awe, a truly fascinating place.

The potential for travelling in Australia is limitless : Uluru, the great barrier reef, Kimberley, Kakadu, the great ocean road, all these are iconic destinations in Aussie land.


What to see, what to do

Southern Australia is a place where people seldom arrive, yet Flinders Ranges make for an awesome destination if you love the mountains; this is home to sleepy old towns, beautiful natural parks and an awesome city, Adelaide, the capital of the state.


If you’re on the prowl for outback adventure, look no further than Gibb River Road, a 370 miles long journey bragging with its rugged scenery and harsh conditions, which stretches across Kimberley. Keep in mind that if you want o get there you’ll require a 4 by 4 vehicle.

The great barrier reef is one of Australia’s natural wonders, located on the eastern coast and filled with modern touristic resorts, a must see surfer’s paradise  if you manage to get there.

The great ocean road is located near Melbourne and here you can take a break in the sun, relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Nothing describes better Australian wilderness than the 7700 square miles Kakadu National Park, where you can admire creeks, crocs, waterfalls and a huge collection of Aboriginal art work.


Melbourne is a city imbibed in Victorian era’s architecture, a melting pot between the old and new, bursting with nightlife and friendly people.

Perth is the largest city in western Australia and the place to be if you enjoy beaches, parks and the laid back Aussie way of life.

Sydney, well, where to start from? Plenty of tourist traps, locals, a beautiful harbor, surf beaches, a chill out culture, my kind of place to be honest.


Food and Drink

Australia is a “world” in itself, surrounded by ocean, hence seafood is the name of the game here. You can find all sorts of fancy restaurants in the big city, organic food is making a huge come back and you can also sample regional foods, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, where you can enjoy farmhouse cheese, local fruits and specialty sausages.

Bush tucker means Australia’s finest food, like kangaroo meat plus lots of other exotic menus.

Specialties include freshwater fish, Sydney rock oysters, macadamia nuts, Kangaroo and shelfish.

Regional drinks include some of the best wines in the world, in which Australia excels, with the biggest wineries in Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Melbourne and Adelaide.  Here you can sample high quality red and white wines, along with lots of local beers and coffee, another national obsession. Some of the best wines are Coonawarra, Margaret River,Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and Hunter Valley. Good beers are James Squire, Coopers, Little Creatures, Cascade and Matilda Bay.

Visa Requirements

Australia is a hospitable country but you’ll need a valid passport and a Visa, regardless where you come from.

barrier reef


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