Bahamas Travel Guide, Beach Paradise



If you’re that kind of tourist who enjoys sprawling beaches, solitude and lots of sunshine, Bahamas is what you’re looking for, especially during the winter season. Because guess what: in the Bahamas, it’s always summer!

The Bahamas is proud to offer its visitors some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, awesome scenery and there are over three million tourists each and every year that can vouch for my statement.

Besides its wonderful tropical setting, the Bahamas have an interesting history and a flamboyant culture, not to mention its effervescent nightlife. Let’s start with the basics:  what we’re dealing here with is the commonwealth of Bahamas, that’s the official name, a country of Spanish descent, situated in the Atlantic Ocean and Bahamas means “shallow water”.

This is a small insular country, with a population just shy of 300,000 people and a total land surface of 5358 square miles. As you probably know, strong essences are kept in small bottles, and that’s very true if we’re talking about the Bahamas.

Even if it’s an insular nation, the standard of living in the Bahamas is very high, being the third in the Americas in terms of GDP (after the US and Canada) and its economy is based mostly on tourism and finance, being a financial paradise on Earth also.

Actually, the Bahamas consists of a multitude of islands (29 to be more precise) and the sun shines 320 days a year. Even if there’s a rainy season between May and October, the temperature is high (85 degrees) and the weather is pleasant.

The Bahamas are the definition of the Caribbean islands, with astonishing beaches and a sea beautifully colored, with nuances varying from rose pink to turquoise, a crystal clear water that harbors old ship wrecks and incredible coral reefs.

coral reef

The tropical landscape is almost unspoiled, filled with exotic animals, state of the art tourist resorts and natural beauty that attracts some of the richest people in the world any time of the year.

 What to see, what to do

Andros is one of the longest barrier reefs in the world, near Out Islands and this is the place where you’ll stand in awe, admiring its natural creeks, voluptuous mangroves, beautiful forest steaming with wildlife and colorful corals.

If you’ve seen that movie “The return to the blue lagoon”, you’ll understand what Blue Lagoon Island is all about. This is the place where you’ll find Flipper, the bottle nosed dolphin species, along with sea lions and other natural wonders.


San Salvador is the place where Columbus landed 500 years ago, discovering the New World, near Cockburn Town, also an excellent scuba diving location, maybe you’ll find a lost treasure, how about that!

The first colony in the Bahamas was established at Eleuthera, the crown jewel of the Out Islands. Here you can admire old villages, dating back to the colonial age, luxurious pineapple plantations and enjoy excellent restaurants (seafood is the local specialty).


Go big-game fishing during your trip in the Abacos islands, where lots of annual fishing tournaments are held and where you can learn a thing or two about fishing from professionals (Andros too has the reputation of being the fishing capital of the world).

Bahamas harbors a number of epic golf courses, like the one at the Cable Beach which is also one of the oldest if not THE first golf course established here, along with Abaco Club and Emerald Reef Course.

grand bahamas

One of the friendliest places in the Bahamas to boot is Grand Bahamas Island, filled with small and chique towns, excellent restaurants and featuring tree lined roads where you can experience the authentic Bahamian culture.

Food and Drink in the Bahamas

You won’t starve during your trip here, because there are lots of gourmet places, ranging from upscale restaurants and dinners to local food joints near the beach where they serve all sorts of steaks, fish, and seafood with rice, fries, plantain, potatoes and what not. Also, you can enjoy fresh fruit like mango, sweet pineapple, papaya and breadfruit.

Specialties include conch, rock lobster (minced, broiled or in salads, boiled/baked  crab meat, soups made of onions/limes/celery/peppers/meat, guava duff (a kind of dessert) while regional drinks are Nassau Royal (a local liquor), coconut cocktails made of gin/sweet milk and coconut water, rum punch and Kalik (a local made beer).


Visa and Passport Requirements

If you want to visit the paradisiacal islands of Bahamas, you’ll require a valid passport, but no Visa (you can stay for up to three months without a Visa).


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