Ecuador Travel Guide


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The Republic of Ecuador is a country from South America and it is bordered by Peru on the south and eastern border, Colombia on the northern one and the Pacific Ocean on the west. Ecuador means literally Equator and if you did not know that, the Galapagos Islands are also part of Ecuador’s “treasure-chest”.

This beautiful country is Spanish speaking, being a former colony of the Spanish Empire; it has a population of about 15 million people and a land surface of 109,484 square miles.

One quick fact about Ecuador, in case you missed it: especially due to the Galapagos Islands, the country is the most bio diverse in the world, home of a luxuriant wild-life including over 100 species of hummingbirds and thousands of plant species, especially orchid varieties.


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Cotopaxi is Ecuador’s largest volcano and lots of cities and wildlife locations in Ecuador are on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

If you love nature, Ecuador is a heavenly realm, being the perfect place to admire the splendor of our Earth’s magnificent flora and fauna, including the Amazon’s rainforest or the wild life reserves in Mindo, San Luis de Pambil or Cuyabeno.


Also, Ecuador harbors various tribes of indigenous people and if you travel into the right places, you’ll eventually have a close encounter of the third kind with a genuine shaman. Another hot spot for Ecuador’s visitors is represented by its amazing beaches. If you’re into watersports and sun bathing, you’ll have the time of your life spending your vacation at Bahia de Caraquez, Salinas, Crucita, Manta, San Clemente or San Jacinto, all of them beautiful places with nice tourist resorts and offering you truly inexpensive accommodations along with awesome food and friendly local people.


What to see, what to do in Ecuador

Ecuador is the place of diversity, a small country by South American standards but with heavyweight neighbors, making for a miniature of everything that’s awesome about this continent. You can go in just the space of one day in a safari trip on the Amazon in the morning, visit a valley of still active volcanoes afterwards while driving past verdant forests and wind down to the coastal areas just in time for a great seafood dinner.

Ecuador is a country bisected by the Equator (hence its name) into three different areas: Sierra, Oriente and Costa or the Coast.

Costa is the place with hot, sandy beaches, lively Afro towns and home to awesome rolling surf. Sierra is basically a mountain region where you can admire the peaks of the Andean mountains, the lively local markets and the beautiful architecture of the old colonial towns. The Oriente is a tropical paradise, which harbors tens of thousands of species of flora and fauna, all benefiting from the blessings offered by the Amazon River.


The Galapagos Islands are one of the most bursting with wildlife archipelagos from the Pacific Ocean and the place where the theory of evolution was spawned by Charles Darwin’s observations.

Two of the world’s highest cities are in Ecuador, both the Capital Quito, which is the heart of the country (2nd highest) and La Paz, world’s champion.

Both cities are bursting with nightlife and offer their visitors world-class points of attraction, both cultural and culinary.

Near Quito you must visit the Equator Line, which is basically a big granite monument that marks the Equator. Another cool thing to do while in Ecuador is to ride on the train’s roof, a very unusual activity which is actually encouraged by the local authorities. The most famous route is called The Devil’s Nose and it takes you in a wild train-rooftop trip from Riobamba to the Alausi. During this strange voyage you’ll have the opportunity to admire exceptional views and wild scenery as the train descends on a steep route through the mountains.

Devil's Nose train route in Ecuador

Cuenca is a beautifully preserved and a representative colonial city from South America, being also an UNESCO World Heritage site and a nice place to spend a few days in.
You may visit the Avenue of Volcanoes and take cool pictures of Chimborazo and Cotopaxi, while admiring the snow-capped mountain peaks all around or enjoying the hiking/climbing opportunities in the area.


Food and Drink

For Ecuadorians food is a serious business and sharing food in crowded places is very popular here, being an old tradition and a perfect reason for wild fiestas and celebrations.

Being an equatorial country with fertile lands and a diverse climate/geography, all kinds of exotic fruits and wild life are available in Ecuador. For eating, that is. So, we have a wide range of foods to enjoy and also various styles of cooking. Specialties include roasted guinea pig, pancakes filled with cheese and mash potato, exotic fruits from the Amazonian jungle(mamey, cherimoya and pepinos), lobster, shrimp, chifles and popcorn, locro, yucca, banana, various seafood (myriads of species of fish, including piranha), game and lots of pepper sauce. Regional drinks include fruit juice, canelazo(made using alcohol, sugar cane, cinnamon and sugar), a local brandy named Pisco,  a fermented/alcoholic corn drink(Chicha)and lot of herbal teas.


Visa Requirements

Every tourist visiting Ecuador requires a valid passport, but no Visa.


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