Barbados Travel Guide, a True Paradise on Earth


cliff beach barbados

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Paradise, I always imagine a serene place with golden beaches, luxuriant vegetation, dashing gardens and a bright, blue sky which blends in magically with the crystalline, infinite waters. Well, fortunately for us, such places actually exist and await us for embellishing our memories with an experience that probably exceeds everything we come across on a daily basis, especially if we live in big, crowded cities, where concrete has won the battle with nature’s greenery.
The Caribbean islands are well known for their paradisiacal natural sightings and today, I’m going to take a little imaginary trip to Barbados and explore its enchanting tropical beauty.

Barbados is a sovereign island country situated northeast from Venezuela, in the Caribbees, and is also known as this place’s Little Britain due to the fact that it has been colonized by the English in 1627. It has a surface of 167 square miles (432 sq km) and a population of 277,821 people. The capital city is at Bridgetown and the official language is English, but Bejan is also a recognized regional language.

barbados beach

What to see, what to do

Once you’re here and want to explore a little bit of the island’s history, you should see Bridgetown, which was named after an old bridge built by the Indians that once populated the area. Among the things worth seeing here are the Parliamentary Building , the Synagogue, the National Heroes Square and more. The Garrison area , which is on Unesco’s World Heritage List, is just outside of Bridgetown and should also be seen if you’re into horse racing.


Nature lovers will adore the wonderful Welchman Hall Gully for the plethora of gorgeous plants which it holds, the Flower Forest or the Andromeda Gardens. These places are truly amazing due to their wide  variety of native plants that are truly a blessing from nature.
The local Wildlife Reserve is a delight if you want to enjoy seeing green monkeys, pelicans, parrots, flamingoes, tortoises, deer, turkeys and more.
Another famous attraction is Harrison’s Cave, which is popular for its underground wonders, which gather small waterfalls, lakes, stalactites and stalagmites, charming the tourists with some unique sightings that shouldn’t be missed once you’ve set foot on the island.

harrison's cave

Barbados is home for the oldest rum producer in the world and another popular tourist attraction here is the Mount Gay Rum Distillery. If you’re interested about that, you can take a 45-minute tour and find out about the making process and also enjoy a rum tasting.
Among popular activities, we can count swimming with turtles which is included in some sailing tours, scuba diving, kitesurfing, snorkeling, fishing, horse riding, playing golf or cricket, the latter being a national sport.



Food and drink

The most popular dishes here, in Barbados, consist in flying fish, which are served fried along with coucou, cornmeal with a yellow sauce made from hot peppers, onions and mustard. Also popular are pepperpot – a spicy pork stew, souse – pickled pork, conkies – spiced cornmeal with coconut, raisins, pumpkin and sweet potato, sea eggs, rice and peas, grilled pig tail, plantains and more.
You can have fun and enjoy some locally-cooked fresh fish in a small southern town called Oistins, which has a tradition on Friday nights for celebrating the Fish Fry, when the locals dance all night and charm tourists with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The most popular drinks here are rum and rum-based cocktails, such as falernum, which is made from rum, lime, almond essence and sugar, rum punch, pina colada and more.
Banks is the local beer and you can also have a tour of their breweries, where beer is served for free to those who are waiting for the tour to begin. The first craft beer is 10 Saints.


Visa Requirements

If you want to visit the tropical paradise which is Barbados, you’ll need only a valid passport, no Visa is required.  And yes, this is maybe the best destination for this hot summer ahead! See you there.


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