Cayman Islands Travel Guide



To see the Cayman Islands and then you can die a happy man. That’s what my grandfather used to say before he actually died without seeing the Caymans, but that’s not the point.
Point is, the Cayman Islands are one Hell of a travel destination and the perfect spot to hit this summer, if you have the time and the greens obviously. What’s so special about the Cayman Islands, you asked? Well, the answer is pretty straight-forward: what we’re dealing with here is a fiscal paradise on top on a paradise on Earth. So, visiting the Cayman Islands you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Your body will be in God’s Paradise, while your money will enjoy a fiscal one. So, it’s a win-win situation. But enough with the preamble; let’s see what’s the hubbub with these islands, shall we?

To begin with, the Cayman Islands are the perfect illustration for that saying (I have an obsession today, I am aware of that) “strong essences are kept in small bottles”. The land surface of these islands is a puny 100 square miles and the population is a tiny 55,000 souls. Doesn’t sound like much, does it?

But trust me, if you pay these folks a visit, you’ll get a pretty accurate description of my idea of paradise on Earth. These islands are basically an archipelago in the Caribbean, which is world renowned for its beautiful scenery, awesome beaches, delightful cuisine and world class diving opportunities.


There are just three main islands which compose the Caymans: Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman and of course, Little Cayman. That’s all there is to it. Another cool factoid is that the Caymans are overseas British territories and that means that the vast majority of its inhabitants are British people/expats, speaking perfect English of course and working in all imaginable jobs, ranging from scuba diving services to finance/property stuff. Basically, you’ll feel at home in the Caymans if you come from the EU or the USA; just the scenery will be different (in a big way different, Paradisiac to say the least). You should be aware of the fact that travelling to Cayman Islands is all about switching off, cool down and relax. The beautiful, impeccable beaches you’ll find on each of the three islands are the perfect spot for whiling away in the hot, sunny summer days, while the crystal clear waters which surround them are a real treasure, bursting of marine life and making for the perfect spot to dive, searching for ancient treasures and what not. Taking into account that there’s no income tax in the Cayman Islands, you’ll understand why I’m saying that Paradise is tangible here, on Earth, you don’t have to die to see it.

A woman walks on the beach on Cayman Brac, in this undated photo. (AP Photo/Ed Beaty, Cayman Brac)

A woman walks on the beach on Cayman Brac

What to see, what to do

If you’re loaded with cash, you’ll have no time to get bored in the Cayman Islands, believe me. Here you’ll discover world-class restaurants, shopping centers, all sorts of events, fashion, music, business opportunities, sports, it’s all here in a nutshell. All you have to do is to visit Camana Bay, a newly built town on 500 acres and growing fast, being a miniature of a small US town and yet a perfectly safe place to live in, with everything within walking distance.


Cayman Brac islands are riddled with caves which were/are mostly used by the island’s inhabitants to shelter from hurricanes. You’ll hear all sorts of cool stories here, all you need to do is to watch and listen carefully. A popular tourist trap is Bat Cave, for obvious reasons (no, that’s not Batman’s cave).

But, believe it or not, the original Batmobile can be admired visiting Cayman Island’s Motor Museum, along with an 1886 Mercedes Benz, one of the first vehicles ever produced.


You can admire spectacular reefs and marine life while experiencing the Atlantis Submarine tour, in hour long journeys beneath the crystal clear waters, riding a real submarine, obviously. Beats diving any day, believe me folks.

Fishing and booby spotting are national sports in the Cayman Islands, due to their top-notch fishing grounds and the world’s biggest colony of red foot boobies.


Also, visiting the Cayman Islands you can literally go to Hell and even get back in time for supper. Hell is a very interesting rock formation to be found on Grand Cayman island, and these peculiar rocks were created by shells and corals which solidified under the action of salt/lime deposits. Along with the inherent natural beauty you’d expect to see while visiting Paradise on Earth, you’ll find here national galleries, museums and even colonial-age era plantations for history buffs. It’s also worth stating the obvious, i.e. that you’ll have great opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving or surfing in the Caymans (doh!).


International calls to Cayman Islands

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Food and Drink

Don’t worry, in the Cayman Islands you won’t have to starve to death, au contraire. Food in paradise is not bad at all, as you’ll see for yourself if my travel guide convinced you to pay a visit to Paradise on Earth. Local foods/specialties include jerk chicken (the meat is marinated in various spices, usually very hot and then barbecued), black beans and rice, rice and peas, fried plantain, turtle meat (stew/steaks), lobster meat, conch, fresh sea food/fish, peppers and mangoes. Regional drinks include Seven Fathoms spirits, cocktails with brown sugar, round limes and sour oranges, Caybrew beers and Rum punch.


Visa Requirements

To visit the Cayman Islands you’ll only require a valid passport but no Visa.


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