Canada Travel Guide, 1000 Lakes and Then Some!!


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Today, I’m going to be admiring the sightings of the world’s second largest country, a popular tourist destination that should be seen for at least once in a lifetime, being an amazingly beautiful and culturally vast territory: Canada. Known for its generous wilderness, stunning landscapes, wide forests and cosmopolite cities, Canada also finds itself among the wealthiest countries in the world, being frequently referred to as “one of the best places to live” in various rankings regarding the quality of life.

Canada consists in ten provinces and three territories, spreading over a surface of 9,984,670 square km (3,854,085 square miles). Occupying a large part of North America, the country is bordered by the United States of America to the south, neighbors with Alaska to the northwest ( which also belongs to the US), Greenland towards the northeast, its north-side is bathed in the Arctic Ocean, the east in the Atlantic Ocean and the southwest in the Pacific. Although being an extremely wide territory, Canada has a population of 35,749,600, which is relatively small considering its size, but fits inside people of various ethnicities, the country being one of the most multicultural in the world. Ottawa is the capital and Toronto is the largest city, followed by Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec, Winnipeg and more. The official languages are English and French, followed by 11 aboriginal language groups which consist in 65 and more languages and dialects.

What to see, what to do

As I was previously saying, Canada has a lot to give to those of you who seek natural beauties and outstanding landscapes. Its vast terrain includes 60% of the world’s lakes, sky high mountains, luxuriant forests, grandiose natural parks, wonderful wildlife and much, much more.

Besides having an outstanding natural scenery, Canada will also surprise you through its vibrant and alluring cities. Be sure to check out the capital for the Ottawa River, its parks, colorful suburbs and museums. Next comes one of the most beautiful Canadian cities, Vancouver, which is positioned in the splendid British Columbia, between the North Shore mountains and the ocean, and will impress you with its exquisite natural embellishments that blend in nicely with the cosmopolite city.


Toronto, the largest city, will please your eyes with the Victorian industrial architecture of the Distillery District, the beauty of Lake Ontario or the plethora of museums meant for satisfying your cultural curiosities. Montreal and Quebec City are also worth visiting for their beautiful architecture and charming, romantic atmosphere.


Niagara Falls is a an absolute must see, being one of the most popular tourist destinations and with good reason, offering an outstanding spectacle of dancing waters and grandeur.
For exploring Canada’s gifted natural landscape, be sure to visit Baffin Island, the country’s largest island that offers some beautiful sightings of the mountains, fjords, glaciers and wildlife, the Banff National Park for its dashing lakes, the Yukon for seeing the Northern Lights in the winter and a wonderful scenery, the glacial valley at Kelowna, Nova Scotia and more.
Some great activities to keep you occupied while visiting are hiking, horse riding, skiing, swimming, sailing or water skiing – especially in the Prairie provinces. Spotting bears, whales, seals, deer, moose and various other animals will also be an exciting and unforgettable experience.


Eat and drink

Canada’s cuisine is extremely diverse due to the country’s colorful demographics, so don’t be surprised when finding out that they don’t really have a lot of traditional Canadian dishes. Among the few, we can count nanaimo bars – chocolate biscuit bars with vanilla or custard filling, maple syrup, beaver tails – fried dough with chocolate, candy or fruit toppings, butter tarts – made from butter, eggs, sugar and syrup with raisins or nuts; some specialties from Quebec include tourtière – meat pie, poutine – French fries with cheese and gravy, tarte au sucre – sugar pie and more.
Some other popular dishes include seafood – salmon, lobster, crab, oysters and more, steak, Montreal smoked meat, wild game, the good ol’ bacon and more. The massive amount of immigrants is the main reason for Canada’s extremely generous cuisine, which has influences from the Chinese, German, Ukrainian, Polish and more, not to mention from their American neighbors. Food is important and Canada will delight your stomach with any kind of food you can crave for.


Visa Requirements

 To visit Canada, you’ll require a valid passport, except if you’re  an US or French resident. EU members except Romania and Bulgaria can enter Canada without a Visa, else a valid visa is required.



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