Mexico Travel Guide



Viva la Mexico! That’s a familiar phrase, isn’t it? Yes, today I will present you with the jewel of South America. Okay, maybe not a jewel, but an interesting country to visit and home to hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Yes, there’s an increasing number of retired Americans who choose to live south of the border. Why? Well, because life is way more cheaper in Mexico than in the US, tequila is abundant and the women are just awesome.

But enough with the chit-chat and let’s start talking business. Mexico is a spicy country, as spicy as the national sauce, salsa, and as intoxicating as the national drink, tequila. If you want to enjoy a feast for your senses, an energizing experience for your intellect and a shot of mana for your soul, well, Mexico is the answer to your prayers.

This fascinating country is located between the US (in the north) and Belize&Guatemala in the south-east border. The land surface is an impressing 1,943,945 square kilometers and the joyful populace reaches almost 120 million.

As you can see from the numbers, Mexico is pretty big, almost huge, and that represents and advantage for tourists, because in this remarkable country you’ll encounter epic landscapes, ranging from the jungle highland to its central sierra, snowy peaks and deserts, beautiful beaches and so on and so forth. Along with its beautiful scenery, Mexico is home for ancient pre-Colombian civilizations, which marked these lands with inestimable pieces of proto-architecture, like the impressive pyramids of Teotihuacán, the breath-taking temples of Chichén Itzá and many more archeological-wonders.

There’s also a strong Spanish heritage, both ethnic and cultural, impeccably preserved, beautiful churches scattered all around the country, world class museums, cosmopolite cities, beautiful and friendly people, a modern economy and infrastructure, impressive tourist resorts, high-end restaurants and shopping malls, a lively night-life in the cities, sprawling markets and vivid clubs.

Mexico is an interesting melange of old, sleepy villages dormant in the sun and major commercial hubs, metropolises, natural beauty and wild life. I mean, while in Mexico you can do anything, ranging from attending lively festivals to whale watching, outdoor adventures for nature aficionados, trekking the wild jungles, reef diving, canyoning, hiking-volcano climbing, river rafting and caving…yes, indeed, Mexico is a truly wonderful tourist destination for every soul on this planet!


What to see, what to do

Where should I begin? I  mean, the options are endless…and let’s start with the beaches, which are among the best in the world, as they stretch on both coasts. Let me enumerate just a few: San Lucas, Los Cabos, San Jose, Isla de Mujeres, Cancun (if you’re into beach parties, you’ll go mental here), Mazatlan, the beautiful resorts on Costa Azul, Sayulita, Baja, Puerto Escondido,Matanchén…somebody stop me, please!

The country’s capital is Mexico City, a place bursting with life, filled with cultural attractions and a rich history. Here you can admire the impressive Catedral Metropolitana, overlooking the city’s huge main square, flanked by the ancient Aztec’s ceremonial center. The city also harbors a multitude of museums, the most important one being the National Museum of Anthropology, which shelters Mexico’s archaeological treasures.


Two of the world’s largest volcanoes are located in Mexico: Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl, just east of the country’s capital and the place to go if you’re into climbing and hiking. Sierra Madre mountains are home for Puebla, a small town filled with chic, colonial style architecture, which rests at the foothills of the mountain.


Playing cowboy is possible at Mexico’s luxury ranches; here tourists can enjoy action packed cowboy-style days, riding horses and chilling in the aftermath, enjoying the local cuisine and the best tequila in the world.

The traditional Maya culture is part of modern day Mexico, especially in the enclave named San Cristóbal de las Casas located in the Chiapas area, while San Miguel de Allende boasts its hot springs and outdoors/indoors pools contrasting with the beautiful desert landscape.


Mexico’s Cuisine

The main ingredient of the local cuisine is corn and its derivations, i.e. hot tortillas, toasted cornmeal, tacos, snacks, tamales, quesadillas and flautas. Specialties include spicy sauces, guacamole, zapote, tuna, cabrito asado, pork, beef, fish, wild mushrooms, along with local  and delicious spirits like mezcal, tequila and rum. All these reign supreme in Mexico, along with kahlua. Trust me, a trip to Mexico is also a delight for your culinary alter-ego.


Visa Requirements

To visit the sunny Mexico, you’ll require a valid passport, but no Visa.


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