Nexus 6P Review, Amazing Second Gen Phablet



The Nexus 6P is Google’s “best of the best”, “the right stuff”, “star stuff”, “the Brady bunch”; I mean, if there’s something better, I’d really like to see it!

So, basically, this baby is a flagship phablet, something between a really big smartphone and a tablet, you got that right.

Thing is, the 5.7 inches wide display and its relatively affordable price, compared to Samsung’s Note line or even last year’s Nexus 6, makes for the Nexus 6P a hugely desirable gadget in the eyes of Android geeks, like yours truly. Okay, to me and hundreds of millions of other geeks, because Android is the weapon of choice in the info-war world wide.

Getting back to business, what’s up with the Nexus 6P? Well, not much, except from…everything. For example, the P particle stands for Premium, and that translates into a sleek and sexy aluminum uni-body, aimed at rivaling its arch-Nemesis,  the iPhone 6S Plus.

Also, the glass and metal made Nexus 6P is bigger and, I dare to say, better and sexier than the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, looking smart and very sophisticated.

However, given its size, the Nexus 6P is somehow awkward to use with just one hand, except if you’re an NBA player. I mean, you need huge hands to operate this thing with just one of them.


Another cool thing about the 6P is the 13 Megapixels shooter, that’s absolutely awesome in low lighting conditions, maybe the best on the market.

The high-end, top of the line, out of this universe (I am pushing it, I know) flagship also uses the USB-C fast charging ports and it’s optimized to run on the top of the line OS (read Android Marshmallow).

Is it just me, or these guys are true pot-heads? I mean, the Android staff and their obsession with munchies?

Okay, let’s resume the review.


Design wise, the metal and glass uni-body chassis looks outstanding, it feels really comfy in your hand, but if you want to play hard, you’ll require two hands, just like in real life.

The dimensions are as follows: 159.4 x 77.8 x 7.3mm and it weighs a respectable 178 grams, and except from that nasty camera bulge on the back panel (I really hate those), everything looks fine to the naked eye.

Now, I must mention that everything looks high end in this baby, even luxurious. That said, what’s inside matters the most, so the Nexus 6P features an absolutely beautiful AMOLED screen with QHD resolution (quad-hd), i.e. 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and an impressive 514 pixels per inch density.

On the back, you’ll notice the biometric nightmare, I mean Google’s Nexus Imprint Sensor which is basically the same (NSA backed) deal as Apple’s Touch

Being a cutting edge droid, the 6P runs on the latest gen of system on chip, the Snapdragon 810 v2.1 respectively. That translates into an octa-core processor, 8 cores that is, composed of 4 high-speed CPUs@2GHz and 4 slower ones, yet energy efficient, clocked at 1.5 GHz.

Gaming and demanding apps are taken care of courtesy of the Adreno 430 GPU and, very important, 3 GB of RAM.

In terms of performance, the Nexus 6P is hugely fast, faster than, let’s say, the HTC One M9 or the LG G4 and slightly slower than the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6S Plus, yet considerably cheaper.

Basically, if you want high end performance and looks at a bargain price, this is the droid you were looking for.

The camera is totally the best I’ve ever seen on a Nexus device, with bigger pixels and capable of capturing more light. These technical details translate into excellent indoors pics, especially in poor light, but I have to mention the lack of OIS (optical image stabilization) which is present in other smartphones.

The battery is big, a nifty 3500 mAh unit, which is able to provide you with one full day of heavy usage or a day and a half-maybe two if you’re not obsessed with staring at your smartphone 10 hours a day. Which is highly improbable, else you’d bought a Lumia.


Bottom line, the Nexus 6P is my favorite Google device yet, and maybe the best droid you can buy at the moment. It’s lighter, thinner and stronger than the previous gen, being better in almost any way you can imagine, i.e. the best bang for the buck if you want a high-performance-premium phablet.





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