Bermuda Travel Guide



Bermuda is the Mecca of conspiracy theorists world wide and also an outstanding travel destination for the winter ahead. I mean, if you’re rich enough to spend your winters in the Sun in Bermuda, on the beach, sipping Champagne or Curvoisier while having fun with the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, you’ve made it in this life, good and proper!

You know, the Bermuda Triangle, that almost mythical place located in the Atlantic Ocean, bounded/bordered by Puerto Rico, Miami and Bermuda?

Does it ring a bell? If not, well, this is a geographical area where dozens of unexplained phenomena happened in the last 80-90 years or so. By that, I refer to dozens and dozens of airplanes and ships which somehow disappeared while transiting (flying/sailing) the respective “triangle”.

There are countless of weird stories about these strange events, including one in which US Navy pilots (Flight 19) became…how should I put it…well, disoriented while they were on a mission, flying over the Bermuda Triangle. And basically, the squadron of airplanes disappeared, never to be found again.

The same story repeated times and times again, with private planes and ships/boats, all of them disappearing without a trace in this geographical location without even sendint a radio-distress message and what not, in perfect weather conditions.

That about sums it up about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, and these stories alone should be enough to convince you to pay a visit in this region.


But relax, chill, nothing wrong is going to happen. Despite a few weird occurrences in the area, people navigate and fly every day without problems in Bermuda, and that means it’s perfectly safe for you too.

Let’s get it on with our travel guide. So, Bermuda is an exceptionally beautiful travel destination, minus that dubious stretch of sea where weird things tend to happen from time to time.

Basically, Bermuda is comprised of approximately 180 islets, being an insular country, with a land area of just 53 square kilometers and a population of 65, 800.

To describe this place, I would say that Bermuda is the archetypal image of paradise in a westerner’s mind, being a fine retreat with beautiful sandy beaches, amazing coral reefs and high end tourist resorts.

Being discovered by the Spanish in the 16th century, Bermuda is a British overseas territory, and that spells sophistication in every aspect of its daily life, including cricket and red phone booths.

The place is so awesome, that Mark Twain, a legendary writer, used to say something like: you may go to Heaven if you want, but I’d prefer to stay here instead. Obviously, he was talking about Bermuda, a paradise on Earth, available in this life for sure!


What to see, what to do in Bermuda

I am a lazy person, so if I’d have to visit Bermuda, I’d prefer to take a cruise around the islands with a ferryboat. I mean, travelling without moving, that’s the name of the game for me, and Bermuda is a fine place for such endeavors. You can book a boat trip with a ferry from Hamilton Harbor and you’ll thank me later, after viewing some of the finest sights on these islands  (and in the world).

Fort Scaur is the place where you can enjoy a tasty picnic while admiring the picturesque panoramas of the Great Sound. Also, you can swim in the crystal-clear deep-blue waters and, if you have the energy and the will, go a step further, exploring Fort St Catherine, an old architectural vestige dating way back to 1614, being a fascinating fortification above the beach, impeccably preserved.


Maybe the best view of the island is offered by Gibbs’ Hill Lighthouse, located in Southampton parish, made entirely from cast iron and a marvelous place to visit while in Bermuda.

Gates Fort is another ancient fortification from the 17th century, built on an awesome location, on a promontory which overlooks Town Cut and the ocean, and it offers you an absolutely fabulous view of the harbor and the sea.

Bermudan flora and fauna can be admired at Hamilton Parish which harbors the Bermuda Aquarium, a Zoo and a museum, all in the same location. The smallest bridge in the world is Somerset Bridge, on the western shore of Bermuda and while at it, you may wish upon a star, strike that, make a wish at the Moongates.


Bermuda Cuisine

Bermuda is a place where people live and eat well, so here it comes, the local specialties I mean: Bermuda lobster, black eyed peas with rice aka Hoppin’ John, fish chowder (with rum, peppers and cherry), all the seafood in the world (shiny lobster, red snapper, rockfish etc), codfish and potatoes for Sunday’s breakfast and desserts, like bay grape jelly or loquat jam. Regional drinks and cocktails include Rum Swizzle and all sorts of stuff rum-based.


Visa Requirements

If you want to visit this little piece of paradise on Earth, you’ll only require a valid passport, but no Visa.


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