Lenovo Vibe Shot Review, Feel the Vibe!



Lenovo is a well known state-owned Chinese manufacturer which gained its “celebrity” after acquiring IBM’s desktop and laptop division.

In the last 5 years, Lenovo tried to enter and even conquer the smartphone market too, with limited success. I mean, they have pretty good sales in China and in the Asia region, but in Europe and the US they tend to linger, being very far in terms of popularity from companies like Apple or Samsung.

Now, with their latest Lenovo Vibe Shot, the Chinese tech giant plays in the high-end niche, releasing a very interesting device.

The Vibe is focused at the inner photographer which is to be found in every geek, being a smartphone built around an impressive camera.

Yes, indeed, what we’re dealing here with is a 16 Megapixels shooter which comes with all the bells and whistles a modern device should have: a high quality sensor (16:9 BSI), triple LED flash, OIS (optical image stabilization) and laser-focus.

Unlike other models, the Lenovo Vibe Shot even offers hardware controls, such as a 2 stage shutter key, a mode-switch and even a volume rocker that serves as a zoom control.

Of course, the name says it all: Vibe Shot is an open declaration of war against devices like iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6.

Even the design was “severely” improved, both in terms of built quality and a choice of fine materials. The Lenovo Vibe Shot comes with an elegant aluminum frame and a glass sandwich built, which is the “nec plus ultra” in our Android dominated world.

The question is if that’s enough from Lenovo, if it wants to play in the Big League.

Stick with me and you’ll find out, right after the break!


The Lenovo Vibe Shot measures 142 x 70 x 7.3 mm, and these are respectable dimensions for a five-incher. The front and back panels are made from Gorilla Glass 3, and they’re completely black.

Needless to say, the smartphone looks awesome. There are three colors to choose from: Pearl White, Graphite Gray and Carmine Red.

Now, talking about entertainment, the display is also excellent, being an IPS LCD variety, with 1080p resolution which looks outstanding on the relatively small (as per today’s standards)5” screen.

The screen quality is so good, that it can easily be mistaken for an AMOLED unit, having a huge 500 nits of maximum brightness and a pixel per inch resolution of 441 ppi. High-contrast and high-brightness also means great sunlight legibility, and I must confess that Lenovo did a wonderful job in this department.

When it comes to connectivity, this baby comes fully loaded, everything is at your fingertips: dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, 4G LTE, 3G HSPA+, Google Cast, you’re basically covered in any situation.

The battery is a meaty 3000 mAh Li-Polymer, which is not user replaceable and it will easily last you for 2 days of moderate usage.

The smartphone runs right out of the box on Android 5.1 Lollipop, which is heavily modified by Lenovo’s Vibe OS. The design of the OS looks more like an iOS than an Android, but that’s OK with me, I can live with that.

Performance wise, the Lenovo Vibe Shot relies on a Snapdragon 615 system on chip, which means mid-range octa-core capabilities. The Adreno 405 GPU however is not the best of the bunch, but the 3 GB of RAM are there for you, giving a helping hand when dealing with power-hungry apps.

If you want to squeeze the last inch of performance from this baby, you should try to install a leaner Android version, and by that I mean clean Android, without the bells and whistles of the Vibe OS.

Now, let’s talk about the camera: as I already told you, Lenovo were betting on the shooting capabilities of this droid, and they loaded it with everything available: OIS, triple LED, laser-focus, a high quality sensor and the like. The result is impressive, to say the least. I mean, if you want to buy a smartphone which acts almost like a professional camera, at a decent price, the Vibe Shot is what you’re looking for.

Video recording is also great, yet not as impressive as the still camera; the sad news is that there’s no 4k capability, as the phone is restricted at 1080p.

As a final word, the Lenovo Vibe Shot manages to put together top-notch design and a full set of advanced features at a very competitive price. The main selling points of this baby are  the camera and the display, and that’s true for most of the smartphones, so this could be a winner for Lenovo.



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