iPhone 6s Review, the Song Remains the Same



Ladies and gents, the iPhone 6s is one of the most expected and sought-after devices from last year and today’s review is aimed at enlightening you about this fellow.

What’s up with Apple? If you were paying attention to the financial markets, their stocks are sliding like hell and their sales are not so great as they used to be.

What does that mean, a lack of faith in the company, a technological failure, a bad smartphone, a bored public, a lack of innovation?

If you ask me, it’s a bit of everything, but I must tell you one thing: the iPhone 6s is a hell of a smartphone. I mean, it’s a brilliant piece of engineering and it looks great.

However, that’s the case with the iPhones in the latest decade or so, and the novelty seems to wear off. There’s nothing flabbergasting about this feller, just an incremental upgrade with any generation, at least since the iPhone 4 which shacked the foundations of the smartphone-universe.

The iPhone 6s is that kind of a device that the more it changes (inside mostly), the harder it gets to spot the difference.

But this is basically the industry’s problem, not only Apple’s, so they may be excused.

I mean, in their quest for getting our hard earned dollars, the manufacturers are packing their flagships with everything: bigger screens, faster processors, better cameras, waterproofing, metal bodies, crystal hard-buttons, but in the end, as you probably know, all these gizmos are made using the same building blocks.

Basically, all the smartphones in the world are built using components from 3-4 companies and they’re assembled mostly in China by the same company, namely Foxconn (and a few others, but Foxconn is a Behemoth in this niche).

So, the differences between smartphones are beginning to get very, but very hard to notice.

The latest iPhone 6s is the next logical step forward from the “late” iPhone 6, being a slightly improved flagship in terms of camera and the processing power, i.e. “under the hood”.

The new shooter is a 12 megapixels beast which can record videos in 4k resolution or Full HD @120 FPS. There’s also a new selfie camera, a 5 Megapixels unit, but the screen size and resolution remained unchanged.

The overall design of the phone is basically the same, it’s just a little thicker, to accommodate the new/beefier battery. Obviously, the built quality is also the identical, playing in the compact league of flagships (I think this is the smallest high end device on the market) with its 4.7 inches wide display. I should’ve write “only” 4.7, but meh.


The unibody chassis design now uses a tougher material, the 7000 series respectively, which is stronger and more durable. The front panel is protected by a very tough ion strengthened glass and the Ion X  glass gizmo creates a sort of 2.5 D effect due to the curvature on the phone’s edges.

The display is more of the same old soup, with a modest 326 pixels per inch density, being a LED backlit IPS LCD variety, nothing to see here, move along people.

The battery is a non removable Li-Polymer unit with a capacity of only 1715 mAh and has an endurance rating of 62 hours. Again, nothing spectacular.

Connectivity offers a bunch of options, ranging from LTE cat 6 to VoLTE, Wi-Fi and HD Voice, 3G, Bluetooth 4.0 LTE and NFC support. All the basis are covered, it’s all cool in this department.

The iPhone 6s runs on iOS 9 which comes with support for the latest 3D touch display and in terms of performance, the new generation of A9 chipsets comes with a dual core Twister CPU@1.85 GHz and an impressive PowerVR GT7600 hexa-core GPU, plus 2 GB of RAM on top. If it doesn’t sound like much, well, you’d be wrong. The iPhone 6s is a huge progress in terms of performance when compared with the 6.

And compared to other flagships, this phone is a BEAST: it’s lightning fast and the fastest to date. Basically, this is the best performing gizmo to date. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same things about the camera, which lags behind the Xperia Z5 or the Galaxy S6, but overall, it’s pretty good, just not the best.

In conclusion, I must say that the new Apple designed A9 SoC really delivers, and then some. The phone is absolutely astounding in every day use: everything loads instantly, there’s no lag, no heating issues, just that the screen is somewhat on the small side and not very impressive when compared with what other companies offer currently.

The price is ridiculously high without a plan, the 3D touch is still a huge novelty(the apps are not there yet), the upgraded camera is ok but not breath-taking (definitely not the best on the market today), the display is very good, the built quality outstanding.  However,I must confess  that I feel  like  Apple failed to re-invent themselves this time, maybe later, who knows?







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