New Zealand Travel Guide



New Zealand is a very peculiar place on God’s Green Earth, being nick-named the paradise of the Pacific and God’s own country even, and that happened way back in the 1800’s.

Today, New Zealand is equally beautiful, even stunning to tell you the truth, boasting its natural beauty and its hospitable and diverse people.

Visiting New Zealand you’ll be delighted by its rolling pasture lands, its jagged mountains, the pristine blue-lakes, the wonderful beaches, its steep fjords (yes, there are fjords in New Zealand!) and even the (still active) volcanoes.

As you can see, if you choose to visit New Zealand, it’s like visiting Mother Earth, i.e. almost any type of geographical landscape is available for you to “put your finger” on.

New Zealand has a land area of 267, 710 square kilometers and a population of 4.4 million people, which means that the people are sparsely settled on this huge island nation.

It’s good to know that the country’s official language is English, the world’s lingua-franca, hence visiting here if your’re from the US, Canada or Australia, you’ll feel just like home.


Basically, New Zealand consists of two big islands located in the South Pacific ocean, the South Island and the North Island, very close to Australia (1000 miles). There are also several smaller islands which pertain to New Zealand, but they’re minuscule in size and scarcely populated, if any.

Now, I must tell you why New Zealand is such a phenomenal travel destination: all my friends who visited told me the same thing. You must see this place before you die, because it’s a breathtaking place, from all points of view.

To see what I am talking about, just watch the best trilogy in the world, The Lord of the Rings. That incredible movie was filmed in the epic scenery of New Zealand, let that thought sink in real good. Are you starting to love New Zealand yet?

If not, keep reading, we’ll get back with the travel guide right after the break!


What to see, what to do in New Zealand

If you’re adrenaline junkie, you’ve just hit jackpot! New Zealand is a place for dare-devils, as it offers all sorts of bone-breaking activities: bungee jumping from all sorts of structures like tall bridges, bridge swinging as an alternative to bungee jumping (the Nevis, the Kawarau River Bridge and the Ledge, all these place located near Queens-town are just a few hot-spots), diving, zorbing and what not. If you don’t know what zorbing is, you’ll find out soon enough, just get there!

The highest mountain in the New Zealand is Aoraki, as the natives call it, or Mount Cook. Standing tall at 3754 meters, this is a perfect place for climbing enthusiasts and hikers, from where you can admire beautiful alpine glaciers, due to the outstanding view this mountain offers its visitors.


Auckland is the capital and the most important city, a truly multicultural place which brags with its unique Sky Tower, a sky scraper built in the form of a syringe, which will provide the visitor with an outstanding view of the city and the surrounding beaches/coastal area.

For the history buffs, the Bay of Islands offers a deep insight on New Zealand most historic regions and also a lot of hugely popular tourist resorts. The most important towns in the area are Waitangi, Paihia and Russel, where you can enjoy diving and swimming (with dolphins even) and also visit this picturesque and almost idyllic part of New Zealand.

The largest national park in New Zealand is called Fiordland and it stretches over 1.2 million hectares (that’s 3 million acres folks). Fiordland can be described as the essence of New Zealand, as it harbors all the natural splendors of the country in just one place.

You can also go fishing for Salmon in Rakaia, but also for rainbow and brown trout in Waimakariri, Rangitata and Waitaki. Before you ask, these are rivers.

The Fox and Franz Josef glaciers are located in the middle of the Westland National Park which are stunningly beautiful and for admiring them properly, you should do it from the air, by renting a helicopter .

You can admire New Zealand bio-diversity, i.e. marine life by visiting the Poor Knights Islands, or taking a trip to the Auckland Museum and learning everything there is to know about the Maori culture.

New Zealand Cuisine

The food in God’s country is…godly! New Zealand has an absolutely super cuisine, which is usually cooked in the Pacific Rim style. Specialties include the local/native sweet potato (Kumara), various local fruits (Zespri Gold and Feijoa), fish and chips, salmon and mussels, abalone, clams, oysters and hangi. Regional drinks include a huge variety of wines and beers.


 Visa Requirements

To visit New Zealand you’ll require a valid passport and a return ticket but no Visa if you’re from the USA, Australia, Canada, EU or UK.




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