Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review, Bigger is Better?



Not so long ago I reviewed the new and improved iPhone 6s, and what a trip that was! Today I will delight you with its bigger and better brother, the iPhone 6s Plus, which plays in a totally different niche.

I mean, bigger is better, everybody knows that, but the iPhone 6s Plus is not only bigger, as it runs on a different hardware platform, being the real deal if you’re into “real estate”, i.e. a larger and higher quality screen.

The design is the same, give or take, the main changes, like new bells and whistles and stuff like that are not visible to the naked eye. Basically, it’s an under the hood job.

Seeking for the ultimate ergonomic smartphone, with the ease of use being their main preoccupation and concern (the trademark of all their products basically), Apple implemented their latest gizmo in the 6s Plus too, namely the 3D touch I already told you about  in the previous review.

The 3D touch is meant to improve the user’s interaction with the 6s Plus, adding, how should I put it, a sense of depth when you’re pecking at your smartphone, and there’s also a new Taptic engine, which offers excellent feedback and precision. Apple brags that their Taptic thingy is the best in the universe, and after playing around with the smartphone I tend to give them full credit for that statement.

You know that I told you about the 6s Plus being the bigger brother (the screen is a 5.5 inches vs the 4.7 in the 6s), but the increase in dimensions is almost unnoticeable from distance. However, the first change you’ll notice when taking it for a test-drive will be the almost 200 grams of weight (192 actually, but what are 8 grams between friends?).

I know, heavy is good, heavy is reliable, but 200 grams almost pushes the boundaries of portability with the new iPhone 6s Plus.

One factor in the growing up process is the latest and greatest 12 Megapixels camera, which is, finally, capable of recording 4k video. There’s also a double amount of RAM and a brand new and faster A9 CPU.

As I already stated, the latest iPhone is not radically different from the previous model and despite its screen real-estate, I bet it won’t appeal very much to the phablet-loving crowd.

Speaking of phablets, the iPhone 6s Plus’s dimensions are 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3mm and it features a premium unibody design (full aluminum), in good Apple tradition; it also features a 5.5 inches wide display and my first impression was that this is a man’s phone. I mean, it’s relatively big, impressively heavy and it means business.


I must mention the fact that Apple used a different aluminum alloy for this baby, the 7000 series respectively, the same stuff used in the smartwatch line for its durability.

Let’s hope that the “Bend-Gate” issue is a thing of the past with the 6s Plus, and judging from its sturdiness, I bet Apple got it right this time.

The classical controls are all there, including the Home button which features the Touch ID gizmo embedded on the inside.

The 5.5 inches wide display is an IPS LCD variety with Full HD resolution (1080p) and boasts a 401 pixels per inch density, which means it’s way better than Retina.

The battery has a capacity of 2750 mAh and an endurance rating of 85 hours, which means that the iPhone 6s Plus is aimed at heavy web surfers/video watchers/Facebook fanatics.

Connectivity is top notch, with LTE cat. 6, VoLTE (voice over LTE), HD Voice, Wi-Fi calling, AirPlay, Bluetooth 4.2 LE and NFC. I must mention the proprietary Lightning port/connector for super-fast/wired data transfers and/or charging.

Naturally, the iPhone 6s Plus runs on the latest Apple IOS 9 and the latest generation of A9 chipset features a Twister-dual core CPU @1,85 GHz, a PowerVR GT7600 hexa core GPU and 2 gigs of RAM.

The chips are made by two companies: Samsung (on 14 nm) and TSMC (16 nmc) and in terms of performance, this smartphone is an absolute beast, being arguably the best in the world. As usual, both iPhpones (the 6s and the Plus) play in a league of their own, and that’s great for the fanboys.

Despite the boost in resolution, the 12 MP camera is not as high-end as I would have imagined, being pretty good but not impressive and definitely not dramatically better than, let’s say, the snapper in the iPhone 6. Video clips@4k are absolutely great and they benefit a lot from the smartphone’s optical image stabilization (OIS).

Finally, I must conclude that if you want more screen real estate/resolution, the latest 3D touch, superior imaging and an absolutely monstrous chipset, the iPhone 6s Plus is worth buying over its smaller sibling. Just stay away from the 16 GB version, the space is ridiculously low, being just enough for 3 minutes of 4k video-recording.








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