Fiji Travel Guide



Fiji bids the global-travelers a friendly welcome, regardless of the time of the year, being a true-blue tropical paradise, filled with wonderful beaches, swaying palm trees and blue lagoons.

Fiji is an epic place, well known for its magnificent sunsets, excellent surf, breathtaking water-falls, untouched/virgin rain forests and, last but not least, its friendly and beautiful people.

All these qualities make for Fiji a catchy tourist destination, which lures thousands of travelers from around the world to visit its beautiful shores, year after year.

With a population of only 903,207 and an area of 18, 274 square kilometers, Fiji is comprised from over 300 islands and it makes for a very interesting melting pot of peoples and cultures.

Fiji harbors in peace and harmony people from Melanesia, East India, China, Polynesia and Europe, all living together in an unique cultural combo, with English langue as lingua franca, making communication fairly easy for the intrepid tourist.

Fiji is a miraculous place to visit, boasting various attractions, such as plenty of sporting and cultural activities, a cosmopolite people and an awe inspiring scenery.

There’s something for everyone in this God blessed place, if you’re a hedonist loving water sports, an adrenaline junkie or an intrepid traveler looking for beauty, peace and relaxation.

And, last but not least, regardless of your budget, you’ll definitely find something in Fiji to accommodate you and your family.


What to see, what to do in Fiji

Sigatoka Sand Dunes can be described as one of Fiji’s main highlights, a place where you can bury your toes in the finest sand in the world. Basically, what I am talking about is an empire of spectacular sand-dunes, which are lining the Sigatoka river, and they’re expanding for tens of millions of years. The sand here is very different from the Saharan variety, being grey brown and covered with shrubs and vines.

You can also choose to take a trip in the mangrove forests, which are located over the gorgeous coastlines of Viti Luvu. These are beautiful places, filled with wild life and you will absolutely enjoy a trip along the intricate corridors of the forests, way up to the Rewa River Delta, where you’ll have the opportunity of seeing a plethora of species of birds and animals, together with ancient fishing villages.


While in Fiji, don’t forget to take a trip to Thurston Gardens in Suvu, and discover the Fiji Museum, which harbors a huge architectural collection dating way back to 3700 years, including all sorts of cultural artifacts and objects from Fiji’s antic indigenous population and various other cultures which have settled on these beautiful islands over time, throughout its history.

If you travel the road between Lautoka and Nadi, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, a place where you’ll enjoy the blessing of peace and tranquility, where beautiful wild orchids and various plant-life abound.

Being basically an insular nation, Fiji is a place where you can admire a stunningly beautiful water-world, just like the movie. For scuba diving fans and snorkelers, Fiji is a true blue paradise on Earth, where you can enjoy some of the best diving sites in the world, like  Rainbow Reef, Beqa Lagoon, the Great White Wall or Somosomo Straits.


If you’re a culture-vulture, don’t forget to find your inner peace by visiting Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, which is said to be the largest Hindu shrine/temple in the South Eastern Hemisphere. The temple illustrates perfectly Fiji’s cultural diversity.

Wind surfing is another option, especially in Mamanuca Islands, which gave Fiji the title of being the World Capital of Surfing. Indeed, these islands can make the total noob or the windsurfer pro totally happy. Totally, dude!

Fiji’s Cuisine

Fiji offers absolutely anything from the international cuisine, along with some of its special dishes. Regional foods include kokoda, which is basically raw fish marinated in a special sauce (coconut cream/lime), rourou, i.e. a taro leaf dish with coconut cream, tavioka, which is boiled/baked/grated tapioca or manioc, duruka, something like asparagus and lovo. Regional drinks include kava, which is said to be prepared by virgins, check that out!, Fiji bitter and various gins, rums, vodka and whiskey.


Visa Requirements

To visit Fiji you’ll only require a valid passport and no Visa.





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