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Greece is one of those legendary countries, literally speaking. I am talking about the ancient Greece, which gives us our modern civilization, not to mention myths and legends and what not.

You know what I am talking about, right? Greece is the home of Odysseus, the cradle of democracy, the birthplace of art and culture which further spawned the Renaissance more than a thousand year later, the realm that gave us the great philosophers of antiquity, like Socrates and Plato…

But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

With a land surface of 131, 957 square kilometers and a population of 10,8 million as per 2014 census, Greece is an insular country, and makes for a colorful melting pot of fresh seafood, glamorous nightspots, mythical legends and vivid Mediterranean passion, all making for a delightful and fascinating travel destination.


Greece is one of the world’s most visited travelling destinations, which has an almost magic appeal to tourists from all the corners of the world.

To see Greece is to love it and to return again at your earliest convenience, and that’s due to the country’s legendary hospitality, together with its natural wonders that mesmerize the hearts and minds of its visitors.

I am being epic, I know, but Greece is truly God’s masterpiece, both in terms of  ancient relics/architecture and an outstanding scenery.

Despite the country’s huge popularity, rest assured, you’ll be able to find secret-magic spots which are unspoiled by the modern mercantilism, like the Peloponnese coast, the Mount Olympus and some of the remote islands which are actually slipping under the radar of mass tourism.

The most popular travel destination in Greece is the country’s port-capital, Athens, which is raised on the classical civilization which gave us some of the world’s most important philosophers, poets and thinkers.

Athens is home for a pantheon of gods and deities, which are all celebrated and adored through local folklore and beautiful statues.


Almost any location in Greece comes with its own legend, from the rugged stretch of the Peloponnese island to the world-famous Ithaca, home of the brave wanderer  Ulysses, also known as Odysseus.

All these place were once, according to mythology, the playground of all sorts of deities and/or divine beings.

As you can imagine, thanks to its natural beauty and epic heritage, Greece is one of EU’s leading holiday destinations, due to its impressive collection of islands and top-notch tourist resorts, all of them scattered like a bunch of confetti all across the Mediterranean.

You should know that Greece is comprised from more than 1400 islands, and you’ll definitely find your favorite if you dare to pay a visit here!

All things being equal, just think about the Rhodes island, which spawned the ancient culture of Minoan, and, according to Greek mythology, was the place where the terrifying  Minotaur was created.


But rest assured, because today’s Rhodes is a friendly and hospitable place, boasting its charming sea-side towns, golden beaches and a lively nightlife.

Merrymakers and sun-aficionados will find their perfect spot on the islands of Crete, Corfu and Santorini, which are established hangouts, not to mention Kos island, which is a who’s who of today’s rich and famous.

What to see, what to do while in Greece

If you want to enjoy an ancient place fortified by Venetians, just pay a visit to Corfu’s Old Town, a stunning medieval sea port that is guarded by two castles: the New Fortress and the Old Citadel sitting on the top of the hills. Here you’ll enjoy some of the best taverns and souvenir shops in all Greece, together with beautiful neo-classic architecture dating from the 19’th century.

Rhode’s old town is another must-see, together with Meteora, where you can admire 6 Orthodox monasteries featuring late Byzantine frescoes.

Athens, the country’s capital, is Greece commercial and political center, just like in ancient times, and while here you can visit the Ancient Agora, the Acropolis and the National Archeological museum, which is a treasure in terms of ancient statues, ceramics and jewelry.


Delphi was thought to be the ancient center of the world by the antic philosophers and if you visit Santorini, don’t forget to discover the Cyclades and stroll to Mykonos, a legendary place to to its hedonistic nightlife and glamorous lifestyle of its cosmopolitan inhabitants.

Food and Drink

Greek cuisine is one of my favorites, especially the stuffed vine leaves, gemista, souvlaki, calamari, gigantes, moussaka, stifado, kokkinisto and horiatiki. Just get there and ask for seconds! Local drinks include some of the best wines in the world, ouzo, brandies and Greek coffee.


Visa Requirements

Greece is a member of the EU and it signed the Schengen treaty, so there’s no Visa requirement, just an ID or a passport if you’re from the US/Canada or the like.









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