Switzerland Travel Guide



Switzerland is one of my favorite European destinations, being a country which combines slick and modern cities with expansive greenery and tons of fresh air.

Let’s start with a little geography: Switzerland is a relatively tiny country, a confederation of cantons, a federal republic in Europe, situated at the crossroads of Central and Western Europe, bordered by France to the west, Austria and Lichtenstein to the east, Italy to the south and Germany to the north. There are five official languages spoken in Switzerland, together with English as lingua franca, yet not official. So, official Swiss languages include German, Romansh, Italian, and French. The population is almost eight and a half million, while the country’s land surface is 41,284 square kilometers.

All these things considered, you can safely presume that Switzerland is an awesome tourist destination, offering the intrepid traveler contemporary urban breaks and a lively night-life together with countless outdoors adventures.


Maybe the most beautiful thing in Switzerland is the view, the natural scenery. I mean, the country’s Alpine vistas are almost perfect, they look like pictures from a fairy tale. However disarmingly beautiful the scenery is, be aware of the fact that they’re alive and kicking, i.e. you can use them as the perfect spot for mountain biking, hiking or skiing.

Beauty meets high-end tourist resorts in Switzerland, and bucket loads of the best chocolate in the world, remember that folks.


Some of the best ski resorts in Switzerland are Verbier, Zermatt and St Moritz, places where you can exercise your talents if you’re a novice in skiing or a big bad Olympic athlete, there’s a slope for every skill level.

Being a mountainous country, when the snow melts during the summer season at low altitudes, you’ll admire the white tipped peaks which contrast with the blue skies, inviting you to a superb summertime hiking.

The country’s capital is the ancient city of Berne, which will offer you endless opportunities in terms of shopping and sight seeing, together with traditional folk entertainment.

Basel panorama_HD

Zurich is one of the world’s financial backbones and it leads the way in Switzerland in terms of design, art and nightlife. Here you can find anything, from world class theater and opera to mundane nightclubs and bars.

Geneva is one of the most upscale cities of Switzerland, and maybe the sleekest, being a truly multicultural place, home for tons of expats, many of them working for various multinational corporations headquartered here.

If you’re into contemporary art, Basel is the place to visit, being a very polished city which reigns supreme , boasting its forty galleries and museums, all neatly packed in this relatively small city.


Also, if you’re a music aficionado, all I have to say to you is : Montreux Jazz Festival, an yearly happening which takes place in every year, a true cultural spotlight at any rate.

However, all these things said, Switzerland is also a place where ancient farm culture is still alive and kicking, where cattle still roam free amid green and flower filled pastures, a country filled with spruce towns and romantic little villages, scattered around green foothills.

Switzerland is the definition of mountainous, small and wealthy, being renowned for its quality of life, perfect public services, just as perfect as Swiss watches, a people who loves smooth chocolate, pungent cheese and luxury timepieces.

Just come and visit Switzerland, and you’ll definitely stay for its incredible scenery, exquisite culture and the sheer fun of travel into one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Food and Drink in Switzerland 

Cheese is a national dish in this country, together with air dried meats, fish like trout and char, and, let’s not forget, Switzerland is the king of chocolate manufacturing, together with excellent white wines. Specialties include fondue, raclette, berner platte, viande sechee, pieds de porc, rosti, leckerli, kirsch and chasselas.

Passport and Visa Requirements

To visit Switzerland you’ll require a valid passport valid for 3 months, and remember that the airport in Basel is on French territory.

Wengen, Swiss Alps, Canton Bern, Switzerland

Wengen, Swiss Alps, Canton Bern, Switzerland





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