Xiaomi Mi 4s, High Profile Droid



The Xiaomi Mi 4s is the logical successor of the previous “c” version, boasting its additional storage, RAM and increased battery capacity, together with an improved-even premium design and a fingerprint scanner.

Basically, the Xiaomi Mi 4s is an incremental upgrade of an already established line of droids, playing hard ball in the mid-range field of battle, which is actually the toughest segment when it comes to smartphones.

The Chinese company seems to continue their dual glass design both in the mid-ranged Xiaomi Mi 4s and its flagships (the 5 line), together with a metal frame, which has become all the rage. In the case of the Xiaomi Mi 4s, the metal skeleton is sprayed with zircon sand, i.e. sandblasted, for providing its user with excellent grip and a very soft and pleasant touch.

The  Xiaomi Mi 4s measures 139.3 x 70.8 x 7.8mm and it weighs just 1 gram over what the 4c used to weigh, an impressive performance given the fact that the 4s comes with a bigger battery and the additional fingerprint sensor on the back.

Design wise, as I already told you, the  Xiaomi Mi 4s features a very familiar design in the form of a glass clad, a glass sandwich sort of speak, with the front and rear being 2 sheets of glass, united by a sturdy and beautiful metal frame.

What is strikingly beautiful and in the same time new about the  Xiaomi Mi 4s is its prominent/circular design of the zirconium sandblasted finish metal skeleton, with its leathery feel and matte effect. The rear glass panel features a brushed pattern with metal accents around the fingerprint sensor and the camera.

The protective glass of the  Xiaomi Mi 4s’s front panel is rather soft to touch and handling is very pleasant, while the device is far from slippery.

The smartphone comes with a five inches wide full HD IPS screen, with an impressive 441 pixels per inch density and it’s protected by scratch resistant glass. Overall, this is a pretty good screen, which offers a pleasant viewing experience and decent sunlight legibility, but nothing to write home about, really.

The Chinese tech giant put a relatively large 3260 mAh battery inside the  Xiaomi Mi 4s’s guts, which translates into a very solid and respectable 75 hours endurance rating for a five incher.

What makes it even better is the quick charging feature, which offers 32% of battery capacity for only 30 minutes of charging (one day of use roughly).

In terms of connectivity, the  Xiaomi Mi 4s comes fully loaded, as it features dual-band Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, USB Type-C, tri-band 3G connectivity with HSPA support,Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, quad-band GSM connectivity,7 LTE bands, an infrared port and GLONASS.


Needless to say, Xiaomi Mi 4s runs on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop right out of the box, with the company’s in-house made MIUI 7 customization, which runs very deep, so deep that it even offers an alternative/replacement for ALL Google services. As a matter of fact, Xiaomi Mi 4s devices sold in China don’t even offer access to Google’s services.

Performance wise, the Xiaomi Mi 4s runs on a Snapdragon 808 system on chip, packing a hexa core processor (6 cores), an Adreno 418 graphic processing unit and a respectable 3 gigabytes of RAM. The powerful S808 SoC features 2x Cortex A57 CPUs@1.82 Ghz, which run alongside 4x energy-efficient Cortex A53 CPUs@1.44 Ghz.

As you can imagine, the Xiaomi Mi 4s offers adequate performance for day to day tasks, and it it capable of handling decently almost anything you throw at it, having basically the same RAM/hardware as the LG G4, which is more than enough even for heavy multi-tasking and the latest games.

The Xiaomi Mi 4s comes with a 13 megapixels shooter, which features a dual tone LED flash and lots of options. The photos and videos look pretty good, with plenty of contrast and detail.

Bottom line, the Xiaomi Mi 4s is a very decent droid, which marks  a notable improvement over its predecessors, offering much for less, i.e. a great design and built quality, excellent battery life, above average features and mid-range performance while keeping a relatively low price tag compared to its rivals.








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