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United Kingdom is an insular country, with a land surface of 242,514 square kilometers and a population of about 65 million people.

There are not so many places on God’s green Earth which can boast as much history, epic scenery and culture as the United Kingdom does.

Just think about Magna Carta, natural law, parliamentarianism , free-trade, the industrial revolution and so on and so forth. The United Kingdom, or the British Empire in its haze days, was behind all that.

Borders, language and culture, that’s all there is to know about a successful empire. The United Kingdom is an unique travelling destination, a bit eccentric and busy, but very humorous, with a thousand of different personalities and fish and chips/tea and cake cliches. “Do you want another cup’o tea dear?”


The United Kingdom is a country with thrusting cities, such as Manchester, London or Glasgow, filled with a diverse and multicultural people, including natural born and bread English, Irish and Scots, which live together with millions of Muslims from Northern Africa, Pakistanis and Indians.

The UK is comprised from four nations, with the end result being a multi-layered society, with some of the most creative art scenes in the world, and passions running high, ranging from sports to politics.

The overall character of the UK is multiculturalism and modernity, with a touch of cosmopolitan. Even the food is awesome these days in the United Kingdom, and that’s important from my point of view.


What to see, what to do while in UK

London is the epicenter of civilization, as it was in the last 300 years, a natural focal point, with a skyline which mixes soaring steel sky-scrapers together with medieval turrets, being very representative for the UK as a whole. Old and new, together, in harmony.

London is a bona fide worldly-city, with its aristocratic palaces and beautiful museums, together with its English pubs and crowded markets. Hell, sometimes visiting certain parts of London you’ll feel like in Punjab or Damascus, especially in heavy-populated Muslim areas, but that’s the price we pay for diversity.


But London is a world in itself, and there are many other great cities to visit while in the UK, like the great urban centers in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales.

All these areas are home to rich and vivid cities, bursting with (night) life, full of cultural heritage and breathing history through every pore of every brick, like Edinburgh, Bath, Liverpool or Belfast.

All these are very handsome place to visit, with unique panache and their own individuality and character.

But UK is not only about urban centers, as its awesome cities are just a facet of the country’s allure.

UK’s seaside towns and cities are often very beautiful, also its honey stoned villages and the national parks are absolutely epic areas, offering an unforgettable traveling experience.

130830-F-PB969-001 (2)

Let me tell you just about the scenery offered by the Cornish coast, with its Lake District and the Causeway, as strong as they’ve ever been.

Or pay a visit to the Channel Islands and admire the Gardens of La Seigneurie, property of the Royal Horticultural Society.

The Neolithic tombs of Prehistoric Guernsey called Dolmens are also common on the island,and while here, just profit and go visit the London Underground Carriage, which is the only railway in the Channel Islands.

Riding the rails and sailing are UK’s national sports, as boat and yacht lovers are usually to be found on Sark and Herm Island, which are absolutely perfect for water-sports, if sailing and yachting can be described such as.


Going around the Isle of Man, if you’re a nature lover, you’ll be delighted to find out that you can experience whale watching, where basking dolphins, whales and  even sharks are a frequent occurrence here, sometimes as close to half a mile of the coast.

United Kingdom Cuisine 


The UK’s cuisine is best represented by its legendary cakes and formidable sandwiches, together with the heart warming stews, and don’t forget the tea, which comes handy on every fancy occasion. The English breakfast is famous world-wide, consisting of bacon, eggs, toast and tomatoes, all served with a cuppa.

UK Visa Requirements

The UK is a member of the EU (still is) and if you’re an EU national, you’ll only require to produce an ID card for visiting.





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