LG G5 Friends Review, Modularity at its Best!



The LG G5 is a true-blue flagship smart-phone, but the Korean tech giant chose to take it one step further. Enter LG G5 Friends, which represents a bunch of modular accessories which are designed to enhance your overall experience with the smart-phone and take it to the next level

What’s up with that, you may ask? Well, the LG G5 Friends aims at providing you with a complete, immersive user experience via specially designed accessories, that will fit your precious G5 like a glove.

Basically, with the huge number of devices available to choose from on the Android smart-phone market, companies are trying to differentiate themselves, using clever marketing gimmicks, or, in our particular case, a comprehensive range of exclusive gadgets, dubbed “Friends”. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The first friend in our line-up is the LG Cam Plus, which is an official module, specially designed for the G5 flagship, which provides you with excellent grip and offers some extra camera controls. Another cool thing about the LG Cam Plus is that it boosts your battery, up to 4000 mAh, for those prolonged photo sessions (selfies not included).

The second friend is the LG Hi-Fi Plus, featuring B&O Play, another official gadget, created exclusively for the LG G5 smart-phone. This state of the art piece of gear is basically a high-fidelity 32 bit DAC (digital-analog converter) and amplifier. The best thing about the LG Hi-Fi Plus is that it can be used as a stand alone device, i.e. you can use it with your laptop/computer for improving your sound quality.

The third on LG’ Friends list is the LG 360 Cam. As the name suggests, this baby is actually a portable 360 degree video camera, featuring dual 13 megapixels/200 degree sensors and 1280p video recording capabilities.

The fourth friend is the LG 360 VR, as in virtual reality, a high-end VR head-set featuring an integrated display. But, using it will require a compatible device, if you want to use it for streaming content.

The LG Rolling Bot is number five, and indeed, this is a real friend, i.e. a 20 centimeters round robot, that comes fully equipped with a microphone, a camera, a speaker and some cool leds, and capable of moving around your home.

Lastly, here comes number six, the LG Tone Platinum, a high-end wireless head-set, capable of producing 24 bit High Fidelity sound.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each one and see what’s the hubbub, alright?


The LG Cam Plus module, the camera grip that is, add a cool 1200 mAh of juice to your smart-phone, together with enhanced grip and additional camera/hardware controls,such as a camcorder button, a shutter key, a zoom dial and an on/off button for the camera.

Snapping it on your G5 is fairly easy, but it will require a detach/reattach of the battery, hence a restart of the smart-phone. The module also offers a USB Type C port, a loudspeaker, a microphone and some antennas. The Cam Plus works great, especially the added grip, which helps you feel the smart-phone very secure in your hands while shooting. The zoom dial in photo mode is actually awesome, offering a unique experience, i.e. a hybrid zoom of some sort.

The LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O play is a very nice audio module, harboring a Sabre 9602c amp together with a Sabre ES9028C2M DAC, a nice combination, together with a loudspeaker, an integrated microphone and an embedded antenna. Also, this baby can work as a stand-alone DAC for connecting it with other devices, delivering top notch audio clarity, with above average loudness.

The LG 360 CAM is a spherical device which allows you to create your own Virtual Reality content on the go, among the cheapest on the market, being the ideal gadget for producing and sharing YouTube 360 videos.

Obviously, the CAM is a close ally of the LG 360 VR, which is a very portable and compact virtual reality head-set. It’s very easy to use for streaming your desired 3d content, but it also fits easily in your pocket.

The next in the line-up is the cool LG Rolling BOT, a little fellow 20 centimeters in diameter, featuring an integrated 8 megapixels camera (the camera can move up/down up to fifteen degrees), a microphone, an infrared sensor and a couple of small LEDs, and it’s perfectly capable of moving around (and spying) your house or whatever, live-streaming in real time  and being able to control appliances, like air conditioners, TVs, sound systems, the lot.

Lastly, the LG Tone Platinum is a Harman Kardon tuned wireless headphone set, delivering Platinum grade audio quality via a Qualcomm aptX HD audio codec. This baby looks as premium as it gets, being built and designed using high-end materials and workmanship.







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