Motorola Moto X Force, X Marks the Hot Spot!



The brand new Motorola Moto X Force is not your regular smartphone. You know, that kind of smartphone that requires finesse, delicacy, attention, or else it would break up in one thousand pieces.

No sir, the Motorola Moto X Force is a force of nature, that kind of smartphone that will outlive his owner, or will get back at home by its own if lost in the woods.

Basically, if you’re born again hard and you’re looking for a state of the art droid, featuring all the bells and whistles of a modern day flagship smartphone, together with water and shock proofing, look no further than the Motorola Moto X Force.

This baby has it all: it’s bulletproof, it comes with a highly advanced hardware platform, it runs on the latest Android OS, the Marshmellow variety (it requires an update), it has a cool camera, a big AMOLED display 5.4 inches wide with QHD resolution (full HD is so last year!), a Snapdragon 810 system on chip, 3 GB of RAM…

Are you sold yet?

On top of that, I must remind you that while there are a bunch of waterproof smartphones out there in the jungle, the Motorola Moto X Force also comes with a shatter proof display.

How about that? And wait, there’s more: I forgot to tell you about the water repellent nano coating, which makes this baby a true survivor, even if you let it outside during a tropical rain storm or what not.


But let’s begin with the basics.

Being pretty far from “petite”, the Motorola Moto X Force is 149.8 x 78 x 9.2mm and it weigh a respectable 170 grams. But remember, you don’t need to handle with care, ok?

Heavy is good, heavy is reliable, and if it doesn’t work, you can always hit him with it, right?

Ok, I’m just kidding a little bit, however, the Motorola Moto X Force can be used as a self defense weapon, and after that you can dial 911, it will still work. Did you get it?

Now, this bloke is far from slim and sexy, being a man’s smartphone, built to last, and it offers a solid and robust feel in your hand, but with a nice touch of premium, due to the high quality materials incorporated into its built.

The standard Motorola Moto X Force comes with a back panel manufactured from, take a load of this: ballistic nylon. This is an extremely grippy material, offering an industrial feel and look and boosting confidence just like a tactical knife or something of that sort, i.e. it looks and feels reliable, extra strong, durable etc.


Basically, it feels indestructible, let’s not mince words here. And it probably is.

Ballistic nylon will not break, nor scratch, it’s great at absorbing shocks, but it gets dirty relatively easy, that’s its only drawback.

The front of the Motorola Moto X Force is covered in shatter proof glass which comes with 4 (FOUR) years warranty, and it will be replaced free of charge if it breaks .

The internal components of the Motorola Moto X Force are protected by a nano coating which is water repellent.

The display features 1440p/QHD resolution and has a rather unusual 5.4 inches in diagonal, featuring an AMOLED matrix and an awesome 540 pixels per inch density.

Needless to say, this is as good as it gets.

The battery is a humongous 3750 mAh power plant, offering an amazing 78 hours endurance rating, and being capable of over 9 hours of web browsing and 15 hours of video playback.
Connectivity is taken care of by Cat. 6 LTE, quad band support for 2 G networks, penta band in 3G, together with a host of 4G frequencies. There’s also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and a micro USB 2.0 port, the whole bunch.

The system on chip is represented by a powerful Snapdragon 810 v2.1, which makes everything to run smooth and without lag/hick-ups, offering a great Android experience.

As you can imagine, the Motorola Moto X Force features an octa-core setup (8 CPUs), 3 gigabytes of RAM and an Adreno 430 GPU.

Clearly, given the hardware platform, the Motorola Moto X Force offers a true flagship experience, being capable of handling any task, including newly released games, everything will run without the slightest problem.


The camera is also top-notch, featuring a 21MP Sony IMX230 sensor with laser focus and phase detection; 4K video recording is also available, offering excellent quality, both for pics and videos.

Bottom line, I must confess that I’m totally in love with the Motorola Moto X Force, and it will definitely be my next smartphone in a few months. The performance is awesome, just like the battery life, the camera is among the best on the market today, the display is great, and, on top of that, this baby is virtually indestructible.








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