China Travel Guide



China is one of those countries which are very hard to describe using “common” words. Basically, China is the cradle of civilization, nothing short of dizzying, huge and fiercely different from what we’re used to know. China is also hard if not impossible to compare with any other country in the world, making for a fifth (approximately) of the Earth’s population. Its sheer size, both in terms of land mass and population, frustrates, befuddles, thrills, it’s as big as life itself. Also, China is one of the oldest civilizations and its people invented stuff like rockets, gun powder, paper money and so on and so forth. Basically, China is a huge travelling opportunity, having hundreds if not thousands of key tourist attractions. To name just a few, think The Great Wall of China, an unique construction which is visible with the naked eye from space, or China’s Terracotta Warriors, the imperial Forbidden City, all these will definitely put a zap on your brain, making for an unforgettable impression if you dare to apply for a visa.


The recent developments in China’s economy due to its economic drive and prowess meant for many of China’s cities to develop and modernize, there was a huge leap forward in terms of infrastructure and things of that nature, but to this day, China continues to hold dear its ancient customs, making for a place of unfathomable diversity. The country’s almost infinite landscapes make for once in a lifetime travel experience if you’re brave enough to take the red pill. Oh, and keep in mind that China’s cuisine is world class, the food is absolutely awesome and equally diverse as its people. The regional cuisines are unique, unforgettable and hugely enjoyable if you’re a gourmet.


China’s main cities, places like Shanghai, Guangzhou or Beijing are as modern as any modern western metropolis, here tradition took a step behind and modern architecture has thrown up myriads of state of the art buildings and skylines which may rival any other place in the world. The new architectural miracles are emblematic for the new economical and political powerhouse China has become in the last decade.


If you want to shift away from the urban landscape, you can always go take a sip of life in China’s rural areas, where life goes on just like it did one thousand years ago. Rural China will make you dazzle, as you’ll be confronted with a totally different reality. China’s scenery is hugely diverse, ranging from the harsh yet beautiful peaks of Himalayan mountains to the luscious banks of the Yang-Tze river or the terraced rice paddies, very similar with the ones during the Ming dynasty. Here, time stand still and visiting the deep-rural China is like a travel back in time.


While in China, a cruise on the Yangzi river, the country’s longest waterway will delight you with a heart warming panorama, being maybe the best method for experiencing China’s scenery first hand. Also, go explore the Forbidden City, one of the world’s superbly preserved historical treasures, and on top of that, the Forbidden City it’s also close to the Tien An Men square, world’s biggest public square.

Go explore China’s cities, like Shanghai, a place imbibed in a cutting edge atmosphere and a true economic miracle, filled with modern architecture and sky scrapers, also home to dozens of traditional restaurants where you can enjoy the best food in the world.


While in China, go see the Terracotta Army, near the old city of Xian, making for a huge collection of ancient Chinese warriors built from hardened clay, created almost 2000 years ago for the first emperor who managed to unify China, Shih Huang-Ti.

Also, the Great Wall of China is 2 millennia old, a place where you must set foot in this lifetime, as it stretches over 3400 miles from the west of Beijing across the hills.

Oh, and the Chinese cuisine is the best in the world, but I think I already mentioned that. Just think Peking duck, Mongolian Hot Pot, Jiaozi, Kung Po Chicken, Dim Sum, Stinky Tofu, Shanghai hairy crab, oyster omelette, Hainanese chicken rice, Tsingtao (a local beer), the list goes on and on.


Just remember that in order to visit China, you’ll require both a passport and a Visa, but don’t worry, they’re not hard to obtain.







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