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Indonesia is one of the most interesting countries to visit in Southeast Asia with a population of 256 million as per 2015’s census and almost 2 million square kilometers of land area.

Indonesia is a true gem from a traveler’s point of view, being often compared to a necklace of precious emeralds scattered across the wonderful blue tropical sea. That’s because Indonesia is basically a huge archipelago composed of over eighteen thousand islands making for one of world’s best adventure opportunities, as the numerous islands are almost hidden away in luxuriant forests, being basically untouched by the modern world.

Together with its myriad of islands, Indonesia is also world’s third country in terms of population, boasting its incredible cultural and geographical legacy, which includes secret tribes and tiny islets, big enough to harbor just a palm tree, not to mention the huge Borneo island, which is shared with the kingdom of Brunei and two Malaysian provinces, Sarawak and Sabah respectively.


Indonesia is a magical place waiting to be explored and while visiting here, you’ll discover another face of the universe, as the country is a unique melange of cultures, peoples and geography, swaying palms, white sand beaches and emerald waters, offering some of the world’s best diving opportunities, swarming with giant rays, enormous sunfish, turtles, porpoises, sharks and an incredible and colorful variety of tropical fish.

If nature is not enough to sooth your senses, Indonesia also offers incredible cultural attractions, as numerous and nothing short of fascinating cultures and civilizations were given birth by the country’s tropical islands, ranging from ancient and primitive (as in animistic) tribes from the dense and remote jungles to the Bali and Java’s sophisticated Hindu kingdoms. Indonesia is home for numerous cultures living together in relative harmony, with timeless Hindu temples sharing the same vicinity with golden domed mosques, together with tourist resorts and outstandingly beautiful beaches filled with surfers and sun seekers from all over the world.

Bhumibol Bridge_Ultra HD

If you want to experience a truly multicultural experience, there are not so many places like Indonesia for a full-immersion with your eyes wide open!

Given the fact that Indonesia is basically a huge archipelago, one of the most interesting activities while visiting here is island hopping, as there are countless ferries and flights which connect all islands across the archipelago and you can wander around until you find the perfect spot, your own impeccable piece of South East Asia.

While in Indonesia, don’t forget to take a chill pill visiting the Gili Islands, located north-west of Lombok, as they’re truly irresistible due to their beautiful deep water coral reefs and the bungalows which are spread all across the golden beaches, offering the intrepid traveler serenity and miles of impeccable white sand. This is the perfect spot to unwind and relax, or,if you’re into nightlife, you can always go to Trawangan, where all night dance parties are on the menu every day.


The world’s largest lizard is the Komodo Dragon, as it grows up to three meters long and yes, you can go take a peek at it while in Indonesia, at Komodo National Park.

Ujong Kulon National Park harbors the endangered and illusive Javan rhino, an almost extinct specie which somehow managed to survive in the remote swamps of this magnificent national park. Also, don’t forget to take a jungle trek through the rainforests which are almost ubiquitous in Indonesia, as they make for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Kalimantan, Sumatra and  Irian Jaya are the best spots, as they boast some of the most pristine and remote rainforests in the world. Also, Sulawesi offers incredible views to its visitors, ranging from its lush and green rainforests to hidden lakes, high mountain tops, tribal villages resting in misty valleys, not to mention the awesome national parks.


While here, don’t forget to indulge yourself with a visit at Lahendong and Leilem’s geysers and hot springs, or go see the Bantimurung Nature Reserve, where you’ll be amazed by the hundreds of species of exotic butterflies.

Along with the beautiful scenery, food is also awesome in this country, with a rich and highly spiced cuisine which includes Dutch invented Rijsttafel, fried rice flavored with all sorts of spices, the national staple i.e. fried chicken, roast suckling pig, beef, lamb, chicken, meatballs, soups and lots of chili sauce condiments.


To enter and visit Indonesia you’ll require a valid passport and a Visa.






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