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Today’s article is about Canada, which is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and yet, not so hot as far as tourist destination go. If you’re wondering why, well, I don’t really have a valid explanation.

But, if you remember that awesome scene from South Park, the song about “Blame Canada, it’s not a real country anyway”, you may be starting to get an idea. Of course I am kidding, as Canada is the perfect place to be travelling if you’re an adrenaline junkie or a city slicker seeking to discover the country’s cutting edge culture, not to mention wild life aficionados.

Canada is a huge country with a ridiculously low population (density), meaning that the vast majority of the land is uninhabited. Just to get a sense of proportion here, Canada is world’s second largest country, behind Russia of course, making for a place featuring an astonishing diversity both in terms of landscapes and wild life.

Travelling to Canada just once in this life is a must-have experience for globe trotters, but once is not enough, not by a long shot. The country boasts its vast prairies which rise steeply to glacier covered mountains, unspoiled and rugged coast lines which give way to gargantuan forests and emerald-green lakes. Also, Arctic has its special charm, as it waters lap upon Canada’s frozen tundra.

If you’re into wilderness and solitude, Canada will really tick all your boxes. However, just the opposite is alo true, as the country is also boasting some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, together with genuine indigenous settlements and quirky towns.

Canada’s inhabitants, which are just under 40 million in a country with a land surface almost 10 million square miles are just as diverse as the landscapes. Quebec is the francophone region, which is populated mostly by French expatriates, while the Arctic’s inuit people and the flourishing Asian community make for almost 20% of Canada’s foreign born population (not so much for the inuit though).


For the city slickers, Canada has a lot to offer, as the country’s cities are vibrant, progressive and vibrant, being found regularly on those top-ten best place to live, you know what am I talking about, right?

Toronto for example is a veritable melange of charming neighborhoods and boasts its epic beach-side location on Lake Ontario’s shore, while Ottawa, Canada’s capital is home for a number of fantastic museums, not to mention the charming Rideau Canal, which is perfect for ice skating during winter.


Montreal has a beautiful skyline which resembles the city’s French heritage, but at a closer inspection you’ll be delighted by its old customs and cobbled streets. Calgary is another interesting place to visit, being in the near vicinity of the Canadian Rockies, a place which is booming due to its recently found oil wealth and flaunting its historical cowboy traditions (check out Stampede).


Vancouver is a chill out place if it ever was one, which also has it all from a tourist’s point of view: beaches, mountains, an incredible park located in the center of the city, together with  a fabulous cuisine.

If you’re looking for something wilder, British Columbia has some of the world’s best ski chutes. Or you can go kayaking in Nova Scotia’s secluded bays where you can admire whales in their natural habitat in the process. If you’re hard core, just try to learn the fine arts of lasso visiting an Albertan ranch, if you’re from Texas it will feel just like you were born again hard.


For National Geographic fans, Canada has the real thing in store, just for you: just imagine capturing grizzly bears on camera (of course) in the Yukon, watch the majestic mammoth icebergs as they drift quietly past the Newfoundland coast or go in an epic journey (Via Helicopter) and soar over the epic sights offered by the Niagara Falls. Or dig for clams, after touring vineyards, after all that feel giddy watching the Northern Lights.
Canada is a place where the options are endless, just “get here and we’ll do the rest”.










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