Norway Travel Guide, Fjord Country


Norway is a beautiful little country located in Northern Europe with a population of just 5.2 million people and a natural beauty which can’t be overstated. Also known as fjord country, Norway is a wondrous place to travel, due to its crystalline fjords, its precipitous glaciers and the unspoiled wilderness of its Northern territories, where the Sun never sleeps during the summer season.


If you’ll be visiting Norway in the winter, you’ll be able to stand in awe admiring the magnificent Northern Lights which light up the sky in an eerie way.The south of the country is home to picturesque cities, the likes of Trondheim, Oslo and Bergen, which are boasting their new-age buildings and vivid night life, being as cosmopolitan as they get.

Oslo is Norway’s financial center and the country’s capital, while Bergen is “the second best” sort to speak, being an old school and very picturesque former trading port, also a true gateway for tourists looking to pay a visit to Fjordland. Norway is a rich oil exporting country and Stavanger is the quintessential “oil city”, the focal point of the country’s oil industry. Trondheim is Norway’s former capital and an established pilgrimage destination for Christians, and more recently a high-tech research centre, something like Palo Alto in California if you know what I mean.


Trondheim is world renowned for its shimmering harbor and the vividly painted wooden warehouses, which are actually on UNESCO’s list, though the weather in Trondheim is rather bleak for the most part of the year. Oslo’s waterfront is very similar and equally beautiful to Trondheim’s, boasting its newly built Opera House that can be compared to the one in Sydney with flying colors.

Even if Norway’s cities are stunning, the real treat for the country’s visitors is represented by the great outdoors, the glacier covered sub polar peninsula of Svalbard in the far North, which is one of the few left in the world where you can admire polar bears in their natural habitat (in the wild that is). Also, you can take a trip on Norway’s hundreds of miles of Arctic tundra, which is the best spot in the world for skiing and/or sight-seeing the Northern Lights.


One of the world’s highest ranked and prettiest water-voyages is the ferry trip which takes you along the Geirangerfjord, where you’ll be delighted by the icy green waters and the waterfalls, which make Norway’s fjord land strikingly beautiful and majestic.


Ålesund is a relatively overlooked travelling destination for Norway’s visitors, a place to be if you’re into modern architecture, as the century old city is home for a unique collection of epic Art Nouveau buildings, after its older edifices were obliterated by an epic fire.


The natural phenomenon of Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern Lights can be admired only from the Arctic region of Norway, between October to March, so plan ahead if you want to see the light-show produced by the magnetized particles  from the Sun hitting the troposphere.

Norske Folkemuseum is the place to be for imbibing in Norway’s traditional folk culture, dance, music and food. The museum holds regular summer events being an open air collection of historic buildings located just outside Oslo.


Fredrikstad is an impeccably preserved (the best actually) fortress town in Scandinavia and while here you can also pay a visit to the nearby Hvaler archipelago, which is basically a collection of hundreds of tiny little islands, making for a summer paradise and Norway’s marine national park.

Jostedalsbreen is the biggest glacier in Europe and the ideal place to visit for hiking aficionados,a true mecca for outdoors enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, which offers plenty of opportunities for adrenaline junkies .


Food and drink in Norway revolves around fish, which is the national staple, along with meat, potatoes and root veggies. The most popular hot snack is a kind of sausage named pølse while breakfast, as the most important meal of the day, consist of huge amounts of meat, fish, cheeses and bread, served with hot strong coffee and salads. That’s understandable in harsh climates where you need beaucop calories to stay functional. As per beverages, you can try Aquavit schnapps and Pils.










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