iPhone 7 Review, Ready to Roll With the Best



The long awaited for iPhone 7 is finally here folks. Pumped up, jacked up and ready to roll! It’s like in that saying, you know, about how the world was made in 7 days…God created the Earth and everything, but in the seventh day He took a break. The same thing can be said about the iPhone 7, and I’m not blasphemous, pretty far from it. In Apple’s case, in the seventh day, the designers working at the iPhone 7 took a nap and there came the engineers.

The idea is that from a designer’s point of view, the iPhone 7 is last year’s thing, as the men behind the design department chose a conservative approach for the 7th gen and they basically re-packed the iPhone 6, but, wait for it, here comes the engineers.

Even if on the outside the iPhone 7 looks almost identical to its previous 6th gen, on the inside, well, that’s another story. In case you did not know it, some bored techies from an unnamed tech magazine took a test a few months ago, before the iPhone 7 became official.

In that test, they benchmarked using real life tests Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, which was brand new back then, the best Samsung had to offer at that point in time (before BoomGate), the cutting edge Korean miracle and all that palaver and what…I’ve lost my train of thought here. Oh yes, last year’s iPhone 6s. So, the latest and greatest Samsung flagship as per 2016 vs last year’s iPhone.


And the iPhone 6s destroyed the Note 7, yes folks. If you were wondering what’s up with my rant, well, it’s about the basics of logic: if last year’s smartphone obliterated the 2016’s Note 7, which by the way was recalled and discontinued to its battery catching fire at the worst possible times, guess what: the iPhone 7 is WAY better than the iPhone 6, meaning that Apple is basically fighting Apple at this point. There’s no real competitors out there if we’re discussing performance, fluidity, sheer raw processing power and all that.

Ok, there may be a smartphone with a bigger-shinier screen and/or a better camera. But overall, the iPhone 7 plays in a league of its own, seriously folks, there’s no contest here.

Now, in many ways, the 7th gen is a better smartphone than the 6th, but that’s nothing spectacular nor flabbergasting about it. What’s excellent about the iPhone 7 in this writer’s opinion is the waterproofing and the fact that Apple made it tougher, rougher, you know? It’s not a hipster’s smartphone anymore.

You can argue that the new iPhone 7 has better speakers, and yes indeed, it does. The storage options are more reasonable, being basically doubled from last year’s edition.

In terms of hardware, the most important thing is that the 7 is the first smartphone from the Cupertino based company to feature a quad core architecture. Keep in mind that Androids are already octa core and deca core is around the corner.

The design is the same unibody metal-glass sandwich, built with an obsessive attention to detail and on top of that, waterproofed. Unfortunately, the 3.5 mm headphone jack is no more. The antenna strips are now less obtrusive and that’s great.

The display is an almost perfect 4.7 inches wide LED back-lit IPS LCD variety (Retina baby) with a resolution of 326 pixels per inch and if you’re arguing with droid-heads obsessed by resolution and tech specs, let me tell you just that: the iPhone 7’s display is perfect out of the box, being perfectly calibrated. If you want a perfect display, this is it. It doesn’t get any better in real life I mean, tech specs aside. Just take a look at it and compare it with whatever, next to each other, you’ll understand what I am talking about.


The hardware platform is built around Apple’s newest A10 Fusion chipset, a quad core 64 Bit Apple designed CPU which is the best out there by a wide margin. The GPU is a hexa core variety which is 50% faster than the old generation (the A10 is 40% faster than the A9). All these with 2 GB of RAM on top equals pure performance baby.

Just to get an idea, the A10 SoC is twice as powerful (200%) as the current Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 in terms of processing power and that’s all you must remember.

The camera is an updated 12 MP which has a brighter aperture (f/1.8) aimed at improving photos taken in low light condition. There’s also a 6 element lens and optical image stabilization. The sensor is faster and more efficient than ever before, the camera is incredibly fast while the video capabilities are stellar (4K, full HD, you name it).









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