Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Rock On!



Just a couple of days ago I made a review of the iPhone 7 and today we’ll talk about its bigger brother, the iPhone 7 Plus. To describe it in a few words, I’d say Hail to the King baby. The iPhone 7 Plus needs no introduction, really, as the bigger sibling of the regular 7 and the successor of the 6 Plus from last year.

Compared to its 2015 predecessor, the new iPhone 7 Plus is better, faster, more and the whole nine yards. The design was refined, the new A10 SoC is quicker than ever before, there’s a dual camera setup on the back panel to up the ante even more, and, wait for it, the iPhone 7 Plus is now waterproof.

Before moving along with the review, let me tell you what’s not so cool. For example, Apple dropped the 3.5 mm audio jack, but the iPhone 7 Plus ships with a Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter in its retail box.

Another thing worth mentioning is the lack of a micro SD card slot, so you’ll have to live with the native storage capacity, there’s no way around that for another year. The NFC functionality is basically limited to Apple Pay, there’s no FM radio, no infra-red port and no fast nor wireless charging.

The battery is sealed and that about sums up the “not so cool” things about the iPhone 7 Plus, except maybe for the Jet Black version which is very scratch-sensitive to put it mildly.


Ok, now that we covered the main disadvantages of the iPhone 7 Plus, let’s see what’s new, shall we?

Starting with the retail box, the Phone 7 Plus ships with the regular accessories, such as a Lightning cable, a wall charger, Earpods and the Lightning connector plus the aforementioned 3.5 mm adapter.

If you want to try the new wireless AirPods, tough luck, you’ll have to spend $150, as they’re sold separately. On the outside, the iPhone 7 Plus is almost identical to the previous gen, having a similar footprint but being a tad lighter, standing at 188 grams vs 192 grams of the 6 Plus. What’s different is the design of the antenna bands, which now look better, but the rest is quasi-identical with the 6th gen.

However, the iPhone 7 Plus’s “refurbished” design doesn’t mean that this baby isn’t the “highest end” smartphone on the market today. Everything is at superlative in the iPhone 7 Plus, starting with the premium materials used and ending up with the stellar workmanship.

The unibody chassis is made from airplane grade aluminum, the display is a 2.5 D ion strengthened glass, obviously scratch resistant and covered by an oleophobic coating. The huge Home key under the display and the fat bezels of the iPhone 7 Plus make it relatively big for a 5.5” smartphone, but you’ll have to live with that if you want the best,right?

The 5.5 inches wide display has the same resolution and specs  as last year’s 6 Plus, i.e. an IPS LCD Retina display variety of full HD 1080p resolution/401 pixels per inch density, 3 D touch enabled obviously and 25% brighter than last year.

The display is perfectly calibrated color-wise and you can use it professionally if you’re working in a color-critical environment. Specs aside, iPhone 7 Plus’s display is arguably the best on the market today.

The non removable battery has a capacity of 2900 mAh, 5% more than in the 6 Plus and given the energy eficient A10 Fusion SoC and the optimized software, well, the iPhone 7 Plus has an endurance rating of 75 hours, which translates into 18 hours of talk time, 13 and a half hours of web browsing or almost 8 hours of video playback. Connectivity wise, the iPhone 7 Plus comes with all the features imaginable, including LTE Cat.9, VoLTE, WI-Fi, Bluetooth etc.


The new iOS 10 is now more refined and thanks to the latest generation A10 Fusion chipset, which marks a premiere for the company as the first quad-core CPU, everything runs buttery smooth, perfect and the whole nine yards. Both the GPU and the CPU are approximately 50% faster than last year’s, making the new iPhone 7 Plus the most powerful smartphone on the market today by a long shot.

The latest iPhone 7 Plus hopped on the dual-camera train and comes with a dual camera setup on the back panel. Long story short, everything is better  than last year’s 6 Plus, including a 60% faster 12 MP sensor and 30% more efficient, the f/1.8 aperture is brighter and helps a lot with low-light pictures, there’s 4 K video-recording and the whole nine yards. Quality wise, the stills and the videos are among the best I’ve ever seen.

Bottom line, if you can afford the price tag, the iPhone 7 Plus is almost impossible to beat in any respect. As usual.











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