United States of America, Land of the Free



The United States of America is the greatest country in the world, at least in this writer’s opinion, and not necessarily from a traveler’s point of view. However, since this is a travel guide, I’ll refer to the United States of America as a touristic destination and I will not bore you with the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Founding Fathers and so on and so forth.

So, to begin with, with a population of 321 million officially (the real figure is north of 350 million if we’re including the illegal immigrants) and a land surface of almost ten million square kilometers, the United States of America is a huge country after any metrics.

Truth be told, the land of the free, home of the brave is a place of incredible beauty and genuine diversity, ranging from the dramatic skyline of New York City, the most adulated and cosmopolitan city in the world to the dramatic landscapes, the likes of Arizona’s Mesas .


If you’re for the first time in the Big Apple, nothing can prepare you for the “cultural” shock in advance, and I am talking here about your fist glimpse of Manhattan surreal skyline. If you want to be flabbergasted by God’s green earth, just take a trip to the Grand Canyon, or imbibe yourself with the magic nightlife and the neon lit excesses of the nouveaux Gomora, and I mean Las Vegas. These are just a few of the United States of America’s highlights.


Truth be told, you can spend your entire life in this country and you’ll have the sensation you’ve only scratched the surface, provided you’re not a millionaire who can travel non-stop and live his life on the road. Of course, I am talking from a traveler’s point of view. America is so vast and the touristic highlights so many, it would be next to impossible to visit everything in a single trip, that’s the idea.


After all, the United States of America is the place where you can trek through hill country, I mean trekking the soaring Black Hills in the state of South Dakota, or admire the incredible spectacle offered by the world renowned Niagara Falls, or go West, because the West is the Best, Get here and We’ll do the rest, as Morrison used to sing back in the day talking about California’s epic Pacific Coast. Lake Tahoe is the best place for skiing in the world, whilst traveling in the Midwest you’ll be able to re-live the cowboy life in a cattle ranching trip, or imbibe in the creole live jazz culture of New Orleans. Visiting the United States of America will make you understand the sens of the phrase “endless options”.


Truth be told, the man made landscapes in the United States of America, and I am talking about its wonderful megalopolises, are almost as great sa the natural ones. The most iconic skyscrapers in the world are in New York after all, the likes of the Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building.

However, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and Las Vegas are equally recognizable architecturally speaking if you’ve watched Hollywood’s best movies.


The folks who live in the United States of America are similarly diverse as the country’s  landscape and cities. America has them all, from the colorful and happy go lucky Cubans to the gun toting wranglers of Texas, this place is (or it used to be until affirmative action and cultural marxism) the definition of a cultural melting pot. Being a country built by European immigrants, at least until the sixties, 10 generations of English, Scottish, Irish, Italian, German and Northern European immigrants have shaped the United States of America’s national identity in almost every aspect, ranging from language, music, food and manners.


The country’s capital is Washington DC and it was once derided as boring, but today the new Rome (the Empire’s capital) is a place bursting with life, hip new bars, beautiful boutiques and an incredibly culinary scene.

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