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Egypt is one of those countries everyone should visit, at least once in a lifetime. Being the cradle of civilization and home of some of the world’s oldest and most enduring architectural wonders (the pyramids of course), Egypt makes for an unforgettable adventure and an exquisite travelling experience.

There’s an old saying, about how men fear time but time fears the pyramids. Well, to begin with, Egypt is a country with an incredible rich history which had passed through some turmoil recently, yet the country still stands its ground so to speak as accessible and welcoming for the intrepid tourist who’s not afraid to pay a visit to North Africa. With a land surface of approximately one million square kilometers and a population of 94 million, Egypt still has what it takes to thrill you times and times again, especially when it comes to its timeless pyramids and temples or its friendly and welcoming people.


Some say that there are actually two Egypts, i.e. there’s a duality kind of thing, with the first being Cairo’s Egypt and the Nile, as Cairo is the country’s capital and a place buzzing with life, boasting its medieval bazaars, river cruises, the nose-less Sphinx and a British-era colonial exoticism, whilst the second Egypt is the Red Sea realm, the ideal place for water sports aficionados, where you can enjoy scuba diving and top notch resorts for sun seekers.

The best known large scale and modern resort is Sharm el Sheikh, where you’ll be flabbergasted by world-class hotels and top notch diving opportunities, not to mention the plethora of desert adventures available for intrepid tourists.


Most of Egypt’s ancient architecture and treasures are due to the era of pharaohs, including  the last man standing of the world’s seven wonders, and I am talking about the Pyramids of Giza. Also, Egypt harbors the world-renowned lotus columned temples of Karnak and Luxor, Aswan, the Valley of Kings and the old temples of Abu Simbel.

These monuments are spread along the Nile’s course like a pearl of strings and they represent an ancient and proud legacy, drawing millions of visitors into Egypt for centuries, making for some of the most fabled treasures in human history.

Obviously, you can’t understand Egypt just from its coral reefs and great architecture. Impressive and beautiful as they are, you’ll have to understand Egypt’s people too and you’ll achieve that goal best bartering for a good deal in Khan al Khalil bazaar, Cairo’s ancient market, looking for a bargain whilst sipping hot tea and enjoying a nice and long conversation with a local art-dealer. Here you’ll understand what makes (and made) Egypt great, i.e. what gives it fortitude, character and color. Egyptians, of course.


Besides Cairo, Alexandria is another great place to visit while in Egypt, being the country’s largest city, a realm imbibed in its French colonial atmosphere together with a laid back and relaxed Greek influence, making for an interesting melange of art deco architecture, continental cuisine i.e. French patisseries and excellent (yet crowded) sandy beaches. The museums are great, and don’t forget to visit the modern Bibliotecha and admire the mosaics of the old Roman Amphitheater.


Theban Hills is the place which harbors the Valley of the Kings, the home of the mummy so to speak, where the remains of the greatest of the Egyptian pharaohs were put to rest for millennia. The tombs were pillaged centuries ago, but they still display incredible wall paintings, telling the story of the pharaohs life styles. Obviously, the most famous tomb to visit in the Valley of the Kings is that of Tutankhamen, which was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter in almost pristine condition.


Don’t forget to explore the temples at Luxor, straddling the Nile river, especially the temple of Karnak which sits on the east bank and makes for a spectacular destination for architecture aficionados, where you can admire outstanding statues, lotus columned halls and obelisks, while in the city center is the incredible Luxor Temple which is breathtaking when lit up at night.

Visa and Passport requirements

You’ll need a valid passport to enter Egypt and sometimes a visa is required, easily obtainable from Egyptian consulates or at the port in Alexandria.






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