Monaco Travel Guide



Monaco is one of the most interesting places on Earth if you’re a millionaire (or billionaire, even better) or a Formula 1 pilot. I mean, Monaco is a tiny, tiny state, more of a city, having an area of just 0.8 square miles and a population of 37,863.


I think only the City of Vatican is tinier, but I’m digressing. Monaco is a constitutional monarchy ruled by Prince Albert since 2005.Like most of the Euro monarchies, Monaco oozes privilege, and I am not talking about that stupid politically correct imbued term,but of real privilege.


The thing is, Monaco is home for the world’s elite, Bernie Sanders’s millionaires and billionaires boasting their latest acquisitions, whether we’re talking about the latest Ferrari face-lift or multi million euro yachts. In Monaco you’ll find more Russian oligarchs than in Sankt Petersburg and more high end yachts glinting  in Monte Carlo’s smug harbor than in London.

Monaco is a place filled with top notch resorts and amenities and that’s the reason why world celebrities, including movie stars from Hollywood and basically the who’s who of the Fortune’s Top 500 are flocking here, riding an unending flow of Rothschild Chateau Lafitte Champagne.


Besides its opulent lifestyle which is the opera (as in created) of the nouveau-riche class from Saudi Arabia, I mean here’s where sheikhs and princes are boasting their latest gold plated/diamond encrusted Porsches and Mercedes Benzes, Monaco’s Mediterranean members-only clubs and very discreet banking system together with the heavily policed streets make for a sanctuary of wealth and hedonism if it ever was one.

The Principality  of Monaco is basically a 200 hectare piece of real estate but I think this is the place where you can buy some of the most expensive houses and condos in the Old World (or maybe is it London?). However, one of the cool things about Monaco is the fact that if you’re rich or lucky enough to get a piece of property here, you’ll be automatically upped in the ranks, becoming a Monaco citizen.

Monaco Cityscape_Ultra HD.jpg

But that’s easier said than done, believe me folks. World’s smallest country after Vatican is more than it meets the eye. Visiting Monaco would make for an interesting opportunity to admire on of Europe’s most historical city states, and, why not, to enjoy in culinary feasts with your friends in the city’s terrific restaurants. But get that platinum Visa card ready, just in case.

Monaco’s natives are true blue polyglots but the official language is Monegasque, which is a dialect of sorts, something between Italian language and French.

Serpentine Monte Carlo Monaco

Another uber-cool thing about Monaco and one of the reasons for which being a Monaco resident means that you’ll never have to worry about getting a job unless you really want to is that Monaco citizens don’t have to pay taxes. That’s why the rich of the planet are buying property here like there’s no tomorrow and live the dream of freedom. Because where else in the world can you live tax-free except for Monaco?

If you think you got what it takes to visit the Rich Island, and I mean cash, lots of cash, Monaco offers lots of interesting events annually, the likes of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in May, Tennis Masters Series in April, together with various arts and films festivals all through the year.


Monaco is a place where luxury hotels are the norm, along with glamorous nightclubs and some of the world’s most famous casinos. Monaco’s history with casinos is also a great story to tell, i.e. back in 1850 the head of state built a casino for himself, for providing him with a steady flow of income, instead of raising taxes on the Principality’s citizens.

Away from the Monaco’s glamour and shiny lights, the area’s balmy climate and the Principality’s seaside location make it a great place to visit during the summer.

Monaco’s cuisine is similar to France whilst specialties include Socca, Barbagiuan, Stocafi and Fougasse.












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