Thailand Travel Guide



Thailand is a very popular travelling destination for westerners, especially during the winter months, due to the country’s warm climate and dirt cheap prices. And visiting this magic place is like taking a crash course into Asian culture. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, with a land surface of 513 million square kilometers and a population just shy of 70 million. The attractions of this country are pretty hard to enumerate, but just for the sake of argument, we’ll give it a try.



Starting with its ancient monasteries, ruined and mysterious cities speaking of forgotten civilizations, the country’s colorful hill tribes, Buddhist monks, pristine and lush rain-forests harboring exotic wildlife, its golden beaches and epic tropical islands, not to mention the monumental coral reefs and, why not, Thailand’s traditional floating markets and its cities crazy rave parties, especially in the capital Bangkok which is the most vivid and exuberant city to visit in Southern Asia, a place which by itself would justify a trip here, all these are the pearls in the crown of Thailand.



To put the cherry on top, the Thai people are world famous for their friendliness and hospitality, with Thailand being actually one of the first Asian countries to open up in a meaningful manner to outsiders. Thailand’s love story with the west begun in the nineteenth century, due to the king’s Rama 4th’s appreciation of all things western.This king was responsible for launching the country on the path of modernization and he diplomatically convinced the Thai folk to replace chopsticks with knives and forks.


Thailand is a unique place and thus it attracts all types of tourists, from Russian and Saudi billionaires to Lonely Planet backpackers. If you’re filthy rich or dirt poor, it doesn’t really matter, because you’ll have the time of your life while visiting Thailand, as you’ll be able to feel and live comfortably here regardless of your social status.


Everything is easy to find, ranging from world class five star hotels and tourist resorts to hippy and cheap hostels. Truth be told, in recent years Thailand seems to have been following a more upmarket trend; I mean, long gone are the country’s backpacking heydays, as currently Thailand is a technological power house and very modern, with air conditioning everywhere and all that jazz.


Almost every hotel now offers spa treatments and the famous Thai massages, so remember that when you’re planning the next holiday folks.

Even if Thailand is a place for adventurous people, one may wonder what can be more relaxing after a hard year’s work than to sit lavishly on the beach while enjoying a Thai massage? Just think about it for a moment. The beaches and islands in the southern part of the country are legendary among scuba diving and surfing enthusiasts, together with  water-sports  aficionados, whilst Thailand’s lush jungles in the north are a dream come true for wildlife spotters, trekkers and Bear Grylls fans. If you want to have a story to tell to your grand-kids, just go for a bath under a waterfall in the orchid filled jungles of Taiwan, that will make for an unforgettable experience.


And finally, there’s the Thai cuisine, one of the best in the world and arguably the spiciest. Thai folks always seem to have a fork in hand, whether you’re cruising the night markets or in the five star restaurants and  street stalls. Visiting Thailand makes for a unique experience, during which you can forget about your modern life’s problems and issues and take a stroll along the sandy beaches, drink a cup of tea with a monk and afterwards, go snorkel over a coral reef and let it go. Also, if you’re into blood sports, don’t forget to go and cheer the fighters at a kickboxing (Muay Thai) match, which is the national sport of sorts in Taiwan.






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