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Oppo R9s Review,One of a Kind

February 26, 2017


Oppo is a quasi unknown entity if you’re from the US or from Europe. However, this little known company (in the West) already launched a few kick ass models, hence it became increasingly popular especially for the excellent build quality of their devices.

Enter the latest Oppo R9s, a great piece of hardware by any metrics, impeccably built, light, thin and featuring a unique 6 string antenna. However, the design itself is pretty far from original, but then again, a smartphone is hardly a fashion accessory.

Truth be told, aesthetically wise, the Oppo R9s is a copycat of the iPhone, at least the frontal panel.  But since imitation is the highest form of flattery, I have no bones to pick with Oppo in this regard.

To describe the Oppo R9s in a few words, I’d say that it makes  for one of the best smartphones for its sub genre, if I may use the word talking about the 5.5 inches premium mid-ranged droids focused on battery life and camera performance without going full high end.


About the Oppo R9s, the camera is definitely flagship grade, at least on paper, boasting Sony’s latest sensor, featuring Dual Pixel auto-focus, a very bright lens and 4k video recording capability. The 16 megapixels camera on the Oppo R9s runs with the best in the pack, at least per 2016.

To make things even better, the selfie camera on the front has 16 megapixels too, hence it promises a beautiful experience for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat addicts.

However, under the hood things are not that bright, as Oppo chose to power their R9S with a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 system on chip, so the flagship resemblance stops here. But they did not get cheap when it comes to memory, as they put a generous 4 GB of RAM on board together with 64 GB of internal storage capacity.

Another flagship grade input is the 5.5 inches wide AMOLED screen, which pairs beautifully with the vibrant ColorOS theme.

As per the bad news, I must mention the “generic” design, which somewhat spoils the excellent build quality of the Oppo R9s, the lack of OIS (optical image stabilization) and, most importantly, the fact that you can find faster droids which pack superior chipsets in Oppo R9s’s price range, but you’ll definitely not find the same build quality, a similar screen or such a great snapper.

There are caveats and caveats folks, it all depends on one’s personal preference. As an all rounder, the Oppo R9s is pretty hard to beat.

Speaking of good things, the Oppo R9s comes with a VOOC fast charger which provides 20 watts of power that  will top off the battery in a jiffy, but without heating up the phone, which is awesome. The chassis is built in an all metal design with a Gorilla Glass insert on the front, while on the back you’ll discover 6 grooves , 3 on top and 3 on the bottom.

To the untrained eye, these look like design elements, and they’re beautiful, but in reality they’re antenna lines.


The AMOLED 1080p full HD display is gorgeaus with amazing contrast and great color reproduction, protected by Gorilla Glass 5, comparable to the LG V20 and better than HTC 10, which is awesome.

Connectivity is well taken care of sans NFC, the rest of the crowd is there: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE and a micro USB 2.0 port. The Oppo R9s is powered by a Li-Po battery which is not user replaceable, with a capacity of 3010 mAh. Due to VOOC, it will get charged from 0 to 64% capacity in 30 minutes flat and it offers an endurance rating of 74 hours.

What’s worth mentioning is the 16 hours of video playback score, which is fantastic. The QsD 625 has 8 low power cores and no high performance ones, built on the 16nm process, while the graphics are taken care of by a medium Adreno 505 GPU. If you’re into high end gaming though, look elsewhere, this is not the droid for you.

The camera is built around a Sony IMX398 sensor and it’s quite impressive considering the price range. Bottom line, this baby really delivers in most departments, being a premium mid ranger with flagships qualities in some essential points, i.e. there’s very little to complain about.